A Tattooist Shows Off Her Tattoo Ink Sac: Find Out More About Her ‘Ink Bubble’

tattoo ink sac
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A tattoo fan who is also a tattooist has shown her tattoo ink sac to people on social media. In other words, she has shown her whopping ‘ink bubble’ wobbling on her arm. So, it occurred after she had done a tattoo. Is it dangerous? Well, she says that it’s a totally normal thing.

The woman who calls herself Jade has revealed a giant black tattoo ink sac that has formed above a tattoo of a skull on her arm. So, she posted a video of that sac on her social media page. In fact, it’s worth noting that the video clip has amassed over 22 million views as well.

So, if you want to know more about the ink bubble then you have to go through this article. Here we will provide you with everything that you need to know about jade’s condition.

Ink Fan Jade Shows Off The Wobbly Ink Sac

So, as we said earlier, Jade the tattooist, and of course, a tattoo fan herself has posted a video of her arm. That video has received over 22 million views from people as well. So, in that video people could see jade pushing the liquid around and shaking it. Moreover, the also revealed a green pattern beneath the tattoo.

Jade, who is only 19 years old revealed that she does tattoos herself. In fact, this is not the first time that a Tattoo ink sac has formed on her body. Previously too she shared video clips of the ‘sac’s across her body, including on her legs.

So, this one, on her arm is the latest tattoo and of course, the latest Ink sac. Moreover, it’s worth noting that she has posted the clip of the ink wobble on her social media page on Tiktok. So, in the caption, she laughed about the sac.

“Lmao another ink sac??..I did these tattoos on myself!!”

Are These Sacs Completely Normal Or A Thing Of Concern

Definitely, a lot of people expressed their concern over this matter. Moreover, someone who has no concept of tattoos may also say that it looks weird or really concerning. However, Jade has refuted all those concerns and said that it’s quite normal to develop these Tattoo ink sac.

The 19-year-old on Tiktok said that it’s pretty normal and all of it is just plasma to keep it wet for the process of healing. Moreover, it’s also true that she has posted snaps of her designs later. In those pictures, the sacs weren’t visible. She said, “My tattoo looks amazing.”

Furthermore, she added that ink sacs are a normal part of the process of healing. In fact, it occurs when a specialist plastic ‘Saniderm’ covers the tattoo. Moreover, tattooists do it to prevent the tattoo from scabbing. In fact, it seals in the plasma and therefore keeps it in its liquid form and it does let the tattoo breathe as well.

Reactions Of Public On Seeing This Ink Sac

Several people have expressed their shock after seeing the tattoo ink sac. Despite it being quite common, a lot of people claimed that they had never seen one in their life before. One of them even commented that they have never had one ink sac before. While another person freaked out by this sac and had second guesses about getting a tattoo.

So, we can say that a lot of people had similar reactions to the ink sac. While it’s of course, quite a common issue and something that occurs during a healing process, this is something that no one would want to have.