Tammy Collins, The Wife Of Kirk Franklin & The Viral Abusive Audio Controversy

Tammy Collins

The Gospel Star Kirk Franklin is of course one of the major fan favorites. However, recently his wife Tammy Collins has caught the attention of the media due to viral audio blasphemy. Actually, the fans of Kirk Franklin slammed him after a video of him arguing with his son surfaced on the Internet. In that video, we could see that Kirk vehemently abused his son. 

However, the weird and most interesting thing is, there was a female voice laughing in the background. So, fans are speculating this voice to be of Kerrion, Kirk’s son’s stepmom, Tammy Collins

In this article, we will provide some riveting facts on this story. This video clip did indeed made a lot of noise on social media. Therefore people want to find out more about Kirk’s wife, and Kerrion’s Stepmother. So, if you want to know everything about her, then don’t worry, you will get everything on this site. 

Who Is Tammy? Learn More About The Step Mother Of Kerrion

So, as we just said earlier, Tammy, or Tammy Collins is the name of Kirk’s wife. In the viral video, it was her voice in the background and therefore fans have lauded her for it. Moreover, it’s worth noting that she has a name for herself as well. In other words, she is a former makeup artist who had to quit her job because of her marriage. So, she had to put a lot of time into the family and therefore had to let go of her job. 

However, it’s also true that she is a wonderful family person. In fact, she has always been very supportive of her husband and his career. To elaborate, she helps him a lot in the ministry. 

Moreover, she is also quite active on social media pages. For example, she has around 214k followers on her social media page. In her profile, we can see the pictures of her and her husband. 

Her Marriage To Kirk Franklin

The gospel star Kirk and Tammy Collins tied knots in the year 1996, on 20th January. In fact, the duo dated for a while before escalating their relationship. The duo also had a child from their previous relationships. 

So, they have four children in total. They are Kerrion, Kennedy, Caziah, and Carrington, respectively. 

The Viral Video & Tammy’s Involvement

Kerrion, the 32-year-old son of Kirk is an author, cinematographer, and also producer. So, he has recently shared a video on Instagram of him and his father arguing about something. In that video clip of 45 seconds, Franklin was heard shouting, “I will break your neck ni***, don’t you ever disrespect me.”

Kerrion put a caption on the video saying that no father should speak to their children like this. In fact, what caused the immense fire to the fuel was Tammy’s involvement. In that video, we could hear a female voice in the background laughing. Judging by the voice it seems to be Tammy. 

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