How To Buy Legit San Marzano Tomatoes Grown in Italy

San Marzano Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a staple to the modern kitchen, irrespective of the region. They are always on a store’s shelves and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the taste of a dish. However, several things change when it comes to making sauce. In this case, not all types of tomatoes work the same way. Here, one needs San Marzano tomatoes from Italy. 


Sweet, loaded with few seeds, pulpy, and low in acidity; these are some of the properties of iconic San Marzano tomatoes that make them an ideal ingredient for making good sauce. Unlike many other versions, they can be canned and used for a long time. Grown in fertile Italian soil and preserved in the right way, these canned-tomatoes hold power to add a delicious mystery to a dish. 

However, finding and buying San Marzano canned tomatoes isn’t as easy as it seems. The sweet plum tomatoes aren’t the same in all regions. It means everything that comes with a San Marzano label isn’t what buyers should get for a balanced tomato-iness.

Italian San Marzano Tomatoes

In the canned-tomato game, San Marzanos hold a reputed position. They are extraordinarily good and come with more attractive traits than their counterparts. But, they are legit tomatoes only when their origin belongs to Italy. 

For a long time, Italian farmers have been growing these long tomatoes in the fertile land of Mount Vesuvius, which has volcanic soil for these sweet tomatoes. 

Choosing Real ‘San Marzano’

Although the Italian tomatoes are grown and processed within the European country, they remain fresh for many days. Many reputed brands in Italy grow these sweet plums in Italian regions ideal for the tomatoes. After that, they preserve them in a way that the product remains fresh for a long time. 

Here are some guidelines buyers can follow to ensure that they purchase quality canned tomatoes: 

  • Inspect for San Marzano label 

In Italy, anything that comes with the San Marzano label must follow DOP guidelines in the region. These are regulations around Italian protected designation of a product’s origin. They ensure the item is produced in Italy. Also, the label describes how the tomatoes are grown and processed. 

Whether they are whole plum tomatoes or San Marzano diced tomatoes, it is essential for buyers to ensure that the product with San Marzano label belongs to a reputed brand, which is located in Italy. 

  • Grown in Southern Italy

All regions in the European country aren’t ideal for this unique version of tomatoes. Southern Italian soil is the best place to grow these tomatoes, thanks to the region’s fertile land. The volcanic soil and the microclimate of the place create suitable conditions to grow the plant and infuse it with all those traits that make it a unique, yet pulpy item. 

  • Identify the Real Products 

There are various kinds of products in the market that are made using these tomatoes as a main ingredient, such as San Marzano tomato sauce. These products may come in a jar. However, this is not the case when someone is looking for the tomatoes. 

A genuine product comes as a canned item. A can preserves the tomatoes for a long time and keeps them safe against various kinds of external threats, such as sun rays and others. If the product isn’t a can, then there are high chances that it’s a fake item. 

One more way to identify legit San Marzano tomatoes is to notice how they are cut. They must be peeled whole or cut in half. Anything beyond this should be considered a red flag.

In the End

To buy a genuine product made by an Italian brand, buyers should make sure that they purchase it from a reputable online store. The supplier must be getting its products from popular Italy-based brands and supply them fresh to customers’ doorstep.