Was Taylor Wright Murdered By Her Close Friend?

Taylor Wright

Yes, Taylor Wright is murdered by her close friend, Ashley McArthur. She killed her after the theft of Taylor’s money $34k. Taylor disappeared on 8th September 2017 in Pensacola, Florida. Taylor was messaging her partner which stopped suddenly in mid-morning. At night, her partner got a text that Taylor needs some time, to decide about her life.

Read through the article to know about Taylor Wright and how Ashley McArthur murdered her. Also, get more information about Ashley McArthur too.

Who was Taylor Wright?

Taylor Wright was a 33-year-old private investigator. She was also working as a police officer in his early days. Before her death, she was undergoing the divorce procedure. Her spouse’s name is Jeff Wright. Taylor and her ex-husband had a joint account. While undergoing the divorce process, Taylor withdrew $100,000 from their joint account. 

Taylor’s close friend is Ashley McArthur. She worked as a crime scene technician. Taylor has given a part of that amount to Ashley to safeguard them on behalf of her. According to a report, the amount was more than $30,000. 

What Happened To Taylor Wright?

After giving such a huge amount to her close friend, Taylor has gone missing after some days. Since Taylor was undergoing the divorce process, she was staying with her live-in girlfriend, Cassandra. 

With Cassandra, Taylor shared her views of Ashley. At Cassandra, Taylor said that she withdrew a huge sum of money from the joint account. Also, she has given a part of that money to her close friend Ashley McArthur.

Additionally, she added that she is trying to get back such a huge sum from her close friend. Thus, on the day of her disappearance, Taylor went to meet Ashley to ask for her money. According to a report, Cassandra said that Taylor gave $34,000 to Ashley.  

Was Ashley Punished For Her First-Degree Murder?

Taylor successfully met Ashley on that day. Ashley took her to the farm to execute her murder plan. But Taylor was chatting with her girlfriend about Ashley. So, this helped police to catch Ashley in this case.

After searching for a longer time, the police finally got Taylor’s body on Ashley’s farm. It is located on Britt Road in North Pensacola. Taylor’s body was buried under potted soil and concrete. 

Additionally, bank records are quite matching to arrest Ashley in this case. Also, Taylor’s cell phone records are showing nearby Ashley’s farm on a missing day. And Taylor was last seen with Ashley before her disappearance. Based on all these charges, the police arrested Ashley for murdering Taylor.

Ashley’s Sentence:

Ashley took Taylor’s money and deposited it in her bank. Thus, bank records clearly show that Ashley deposited $34,000 in her account. But the name of the cheque is Taylor. Moreover, Ashley lavishly spent her money. Using that money, Ashley bought a boat for her boyfriend, Brandon.

Thus, she doesn’t want to return Taylor’s money and murder her finally. As per the court order, Ashley needs to serve life imprisonment.


Taylor thought to live a happy life after getting a divorce. But unfortunately, her dreams didn’t come true and she lost her life by believing Ashley.

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