Your Guide to Writing a News Article

Writing a News Article

This article will aid you both on writing a news article and choosing the website or platform that your articles will be published on. There are specific things that you can do to capture the attention of your reader in a matter of seconds, and these are the seconds that count when writing a news article specifically. Read on to understand how our tips and tricks will benefit you in writing a successful piece.

Consider Your Platform

While physical newspapers might seem outdated to most, some people appreciate nothing more than a tangible copy of the news. When starting up your news business, consider the types of articles that will be featured. If the content is mostly aimed towards the older generation, explore physical newspaper options. If the news you are relaying is more relevant to pop culture and current celebrity events, digital may be the way to go. Gathering demographical information is key to succeeding at this.

Think About Your Design Choices

If you are starting up an online newspaper website, you should consider matching your design choices to the type of content that you are writing about within your articles. For example, the online newspaper in Hobbs, NM showcase the classy logo and typography at the top amongst a simple greyscale colour palette. This sleek and professional-looking appearance coordinates with the real-life stories that the newspaper publish on their website, because it creates a sense of cohesion.

Get That Headline Perfect

The headline is the first thing that the reader will see, so if it doesn’t grab their attention, you’ve already lost a view. While clickbait can seem unethical at times, using it cleverly in a non-harmful way can boost your audience massively by hooking them straight from the start. For example, emphasising what people don’t know, rather than what they do know, gives the reader a sense of uncertainty that will leave them with questions that they feel they must find the answer to. 

Include Other’s Voices

A news article can seem one-dimensional and even somewhat boring if it all comes from your perspective. Generally, your reader does not know you, so your opinion may seem unnecessary for them to hear. If it is an article on a celebrity, including quotes or statements from people in the public eye will automatically give your reader more incentive to read on, as they already have a loose connection to these people.

The Importance of Fact Checking

Quite frankly, your article is useless if it is full of outdated statistics or facts. Fact-checking your own writing means putting in some solid research to find the most up-to-date and accurate data you can find. These facts are arguably the most important part of your article, so verifying them is of the utmost importance if you want to remain reputable. 

Raise Your Following

While this article is mostly focusing on how to write a newspaper article, it is a wasted venture if no one is actually reading your content. By investing time into social media marketing, you are giving your article a chance for people to connect with your writing through the connections formed through social media platforms. You will become less unknown and have a stronger online presence and social identity when you gain followers, as these are people who are genuinely interested in your content.

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