Your Guide To Law Firm Internet Marketing

Your Guide To Law Firm Internet Marketing

Not long ago, the phrase “law firm internet marketing” didn’t exist, and yet today, the internet is a primary tool for law firms to reach out to potential clients. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is using the internet properly. Let’s look at how you can use the internet effectively to raise your law firm’s profile. 

Have an Overarching Marketing Plan 

Before launching a law firm digital marketing campaign, you must know who you are as a firm and the direction in which you want to guide the business. Your business objectives will determine the particulars of each campaign.

When there’s a question of whether a specific approach is right or wrong, it will be easy to perceive whether it works in harmony with the firm’s desired image. Without such a yardstick, you can fall into the trap of creating disjointed law firm marketing strategies that send confusing mixed messages to potential clients. After all, if you don’t know your brand, how can the public? 

Know Your Audience 

Do you know the answers to the following questions? 

  • Where do your ideal clients live and work? 
  • What sort of work do they do? 
  • What’s their level of education? 
  • What’s their income? 
  • What’s their family status? 
  • What are their hobbies? 

The above questions constitute just a sampling of what you want to be able to answer about your target audience. If you’re going to hit your target with your marketing, you have to know what the target looks like and where to aim. 

Have an Impressive Website 

The public will judge your law firm based on your website. And remember, the average person has seen thousands of websites. The public knows how a professional site should look. 

Your digital marketing presence is not an area in which you want to try to save a few bucks. Hire a competent firm to build your site. Don’t forget photos. Many of your competitors will use pictures that aren’t much better than high school annual snapshots. Make your law firm marketing stand out from the crowd with artistically-taken photos by a well-respected pro. 

Answer the Public’s Questions Using Content Marketing 

Your staff knows in advance the top questions that clients ask in each kind of case. Put that knowledge to beneficial use with content marketing. 

The key to providing useful content is to address the reader’s concerns in easy-to-understand language and readily accessible formats. For example, someone with a legal question will probably type that question in Google, YouTube, and various other social media outlets. To connect with that person, you need articles that show up in Google searches and short and to-the-point videos. 

Another way that professionals distinguish themselves as experts through law firm internet marketing is by creating a podcast. The cost of podcast equipment is minimal, but the rewards can be exponential.

Be Willing to Get Help With Your Law Firm Internet Marketing

No doubt your firm stays busy, and you may not have the time to create content for the internet. Consider hiring experienced law firm internet marketing experts. The rules of the game of internet marketing change frequently, and experts can help you stay relevant, effective, and profitable. 

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