Best Hostess Jobs Near Me By Top Companies Offering The Best Pay-scale

Hostess Jobs Near Me

When you enter a restaurant, hotel or flight, who do you meet first? Certainly a hostess, as they are the first to wait, welcome and meet the clients. But they do other important tasks as well. They are experts at working in a bustling area with poise, have organizational skills, understand people’s needs and more. If you also want to become a hostess, you will be trying to locate the best hostess jobs near me. 

But we have made the task easy for you. We have the best hostess jobs for you, so pick the job from the list below. 

Here is Best Hostess Jobs Near Me 

  • Thompson Denver

Becoming a hostess at Thomson Denver will help you learn the necessary skills to advance your career. It is a boutique hotel that offers the best service to its clients. They are offering part-time hostess jobs for the payment of $18.00 an hour. Also, you can experience job benefits like health, well-being, and more for the role.

Thompson Denver

They are looking for a hostess who can work in a fast-paced environment. Plus, they expect the hostess to have great verbal communication skills and flexibility to work different shifts. 

  • Thompson Dallas

Thompson Dallas is offering hostess jobs, and they offer to pay $26.4K – $33.5K a year. It is an incredible opportunity to work at Thompson Dallas because it is one of the best companies. It is also a luxurious hotel with 219 rooms with 52 suites. 

Thompson Dallas

The hostess must receive the guests and make them feel comfortably seated. They have to be professional and show a high level of hospitality. The job comes with great benefits, too, like free room nights, life insurance and disability, discounts at retailers and more. 

  • Truluck’s

You can get a full-time opportunity in Truluck’s for $15 – $18 an hour. The restaurant is looking for fine hosts to work full-time.


 After opening their restaurant in 1992, they are continuing to offer their clients the best dining experience by providing the ocean’s best seafood. 

They want a hostess who is polite, friendly and enthusiastic. Must converse well with the guests and also be a team player. They have to be calm during stressful situations. 

  • ECU Health Medical Center

If you like to work as a hostess in the medical field, this will be a great chance for you. At ECU Health Medical Center, you can work with a pay of $16.3K – $20.6K a year. It is an excellent medical center and a primary teaching hospital. They also offer acute and intermediate care. 

ECU Health Medical Center

This position requires you to provide quality food service to the patients via transportation and delivery. You also have to do many tasks like cleaning and general sanitation, along with taking care of food service. Previous experience in the medical field is preferable. 

  • Morrison Healthcare

Morrison Healthcare offers part-time jobs for eager hostesses for $12 an hour. They are hiring urgently, so you can apply. The job comes with lots of advantages too. The organization is a well-known national food and nutrition service. They provide healthy foods to their patients, thereby improving their health. 

Morrison Healthcare

Further, they require candidates who are covid vaccinated and with above par hostess skills. They also have to take responsibility for seating customers in the dining room. Create a great dining experience by maintaining professionalism throughout. 

  • Silverwood & Boulder Beach 

Silverwood & Boulder Beach restaurant requires a hostess with excellent customer service skills. The pay for the position is $16 an hour. The restaurant is looking for a hostess who is responsible and has a positive attitude. Some responsibilities are greeting the guests, operating a register, coordinating with guests and more. 

  • Canggio Restaurant 

Canggio Restaurant is searching for a hostess to join its team. They are offering $13.00 – $14.00/hour. They are specialists in Peruvian cuisine, and their dishes are tasty and innovative. Many of their dishes are from different cultures. 

Canggio Restaurant 

The job responsibilities are answering phone calls, greeting customers, welcoming them, and more. They are looking for candidates with a friendly manner and strong organizational skills.  

  • Sodexo 

If you want a part-time hostess job, then you can apply for a job at Sodexo. It is a French food service and facilities management company. They offer their services to hospitals, schools, universities and offices. Through their amazing service, they are touching the lives of millions. They take care to provide the meals at the right time. 


They are looking for a hostess to perform several duties. Some of these are delivering carts to the clients, brewing tea and coffee, collecting patients’ trays and plates after use, complying with company policy and more. They want a qualified, professional and experienced hostess. 

Final thoughts

If you are looking for hostess jobs near me, you are at the right place. Try applying for the jobs now and get the job you like. 

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