Trademark Requirements for Amazon’s Brand Registry

Amazon's Brand Registry

The Amazon business model can be an amazing way to build a company and earn income, but it is also susceptible to competition and there are a few steps you need to take to protect your business interests. The following risks were raised as concerns for their business, including:

  • Some people are concerned about cheap products from Chinese suppliers
  • The listings of some businesses are being hijacked or copied
  • The majority of sellers fear losing their business as the “middle man” between suppliers and consumers

How can sellers address these concerns most effectively? Use Amazon’s brand registry to register their trademarks. The aim of this article is to help you understand Amazon Brand Registry’s features and benefits. And how you can protect your Amazon business using trademarks and other techniques. If you are facing difficulty with Amazon brand registration or Amazon account management if you are a new seller you can seek help from Urtasker. 

What is Amazon’s Brand Registry?

An Amazon Brand Registry is an exclusive program by Amazon that establishes your brand as a legitimate business. It also brings you special privileges that non-registered brands do not enjoy. 

The Amazon states:

Adding your trademark to the Brand Registry provides you with powerful tools like proprietary text, image, and predictive search, which can help protect your brand.”

During its March 25th 2021 Seller Central Open House, Amazon announced that it will be introducing a new Brand Self Service Identification process. Using this, sellers who are registered as Brand Owners of a brand can identify themselves as such.

What does Amazon Brand Registry do (and what does it not do)?

Before we take a closer look at what the Amazon Brand Registry can and cannot do, let’s first take a quick look at what it can do.

Amazon’s Brand Registry

  • Allow you to have more control over the content of your listings.
  • Assists you with addressing and escalating incorrect contributions and variations, establish an internal team of more efficient individuals.
  • You can assign an internal team exclusively focused on IP claim submission and escalation.
  • Monitoring your brand on Amazon can be made easier with this service.
  • To enhance the product listing content display, you get access to Amazon A+ Content. 
  • Adopt alternative advertising routes and utilize interactive media in order to increase visibility.

As part of Amazon’s Brand Registry, it will not:

  • Put a limit on other sellers selling your brand.
  • Provides the option of whitelisting/blacklisting sellers who want to sell your brand.
  • Do not submit an action against other sellers on your behalf, as the brand owner.

Do Amazon’s Brand Registry requirements pertain to trademarks?

Since May 2017, applicants must register their trademarks for their products. In order to register a trademark, you will need to contact the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If you don’t know what that is get in touch with an Ecommerce consulting agency

How does the trademark application process work?

You will need to take the following steps to get started: 

  • If you decide on a name and/or logo, make sure it is unique and that it does not conflict with any other registered trademarks. Utilize the official database on the USPTO website to conduct a thorough search for this information. 
  • You should file your trademark under a particular class. It is the same as selecting a product category on Amazon, defining the types of items that will be covered under your trademark. Trademarks are categorized according to their cost.
  • Make sure your trademark application is filed by a licensed trademark attorney. Legal services offered by this type of lawyer are available online, in your area for this purpose. 

What is the timeframe for trademark registration?

The USPTO typically responds within one year of receiving your application. 

It is fortunate, however, that getting your brand approved by Amazon does not take a year. 

The Amazon’s IP Accelerator service provides Amazon store owners with IP lawyers who are able to assist with trademark applications.

Your trademark application will be approved by Amazon before a trademark specialist chosen by Amazon approves your product for the Brand Registry.

When does approval of the Amazon Brand Registry take place?

You should be able to obtain a trademark within two weeks of submitting a trademark application or participating in the IP Accelerator program. When submitting your company’s brand to Amazon, be sure to include everything your brand needs. Check the eligibility requirements and also make sure that your brand has an active registered trademark in the country where you wish to register your brand.

Here are 5 reasons to join the Amazon Brand Registry

Your Amazon Seller Central dashboard has many of the registry’s features and benefits. To access the Brand Dashboard, members of the Brand Registry can click on Performance in the main navigation bar of Seller Central. 

  • Brand protection

The last thing you want is for someone to mess with your trademark after you have taken the time and money to apply. Brand registries can assist you with that, thankfully. They are the best means of protecting your product.

Amazon lets you protect your intellectual property and content. A dedicated team of experts is always on hand to assist you with:

  • In a marketplace, a violation can include product review manipulations and complaints from customers claiming the product wasn’t as described.
  • Identifying any incorrect product information or variations found in your listing, as well as blocked listings. 
  • Bringing IP infringement claims to the fore or retracting them.
  • Reporting any issues with your product listings or your Seller Central homepage.


  • Content A+ is accessible

Its “A+ Content Manager” (formerly called Enhanced Brand Content) is one of the most useful features of Amazon’s Brand Registry. Under Brand Benefits, the tool should be located, but you can also find it under the Advertising tab.

  • Make your brand more appealing to your customers

You will also gain access to features which will make you stand out from the crowd if you become a registered brand. You will instantly increase your brand’s value and legitimacy with storefronts and videos:

  • Video of the product. Vendors with registered brands can add videos to their listings, as opposed to sellers without registered brands.

The ease of knowing what or how your product works can greatly improve your conversions. A well-done video could determine whether a customer walks away, or clicks the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

  • Amazon Storefronts. Each store page typically consists of a header and footer, after which there are several content tiles. In addition, the process for creating the store is straightforward. It will not require any special skills on your part.
  • Shipping details: For electronics, decorations and other delicate products, tell them how you are going to ship them. As an FBA seller you should know the first class vs priority mail which  one will be suitable to your product. 


  • Sponsored Brand Ads

You can also engage with customers by using Sponsored Brands, which appears as the search results’ headline ads. With these ads, you can help shoppers discover your brand, with custom messaging to help them see it as you intend.

  • Amazon Live Creator

Now you can add interactive, livestream video to your brand strategy if you’ve ever want to engage directly with your customers. Sellers can share their brand stories through Amazon’s Brand Registry. By doing so, they reach a wider audience. If you have a livestream video, you can show potential customers exactly how your product works, or you can use it to answer any questions they may have.


Amazon Brand Registry registration might seem complicated, but there are numerous benefits. Registering your brand with the brand registry will allow you to enforce your rights with minimum effort. A trademark registration can take months and result in lost profits if you wait to register it until unauthorized use occurs of your products. 

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