Signs Of Ovulation To Look For When Trying To Get Pregnant

do breasts hurt during ovulation

Ovulation is a period in which the hormonal changes make the ovaries eject a mature egg for fertilization. So, do breasts hurt during ovulation? Let us discuss them briefly in this article.

What Is Ovulation?

Ovulation is a time in which the ovaries release a mature egg to reach the Fallopian tube. The egg stays there and waits for the sperm.

Ovulation Stages:

All the women experience different ovulation stages. It means the days of this period occurring in women will change. It may start early as day 6 and as late as day 21 in the monthly cycle.

  1. Every month, one egg will get mature within one of the ovaries. After getting maturity, the ovary releases the egg and it will live for 12-24 hours.
  2. After that, it will reach the Fallopian tube and wait for the sperm. If the fertilization process occurs, then it will finally reach the uterus.
  3. Sometimes, the egg misses meeting sperm. In such a situation, it will disintegrate and the uterine lining will absorb it.
  4. The discharge of unfertilized eggs and the uterine wall is nothing but menstruation.


Menstruation is a period in which the women experience normal vaginal bleeding. This period happens once a month. The blood passes out through the vagina during this period.

How Can You Determine You Are Ovulating?

Your body is the best way to detect that you are ovulating. Some women may look for the best ways to track ovulation. Having sexual intercourse during that time will increase the chances of getting pregnant. 

But you can’t expect these symptoms in all women. Some women will not have any symptoms but still, they are ovulating. So, here are the signs to track your ovulation. 

Abdominal Pain:

For some women, pain in the abdomen in the mid of the cycle depicts ovulation. Some other conditions are also responsible for causing pain. Sometimes, it may affect due to other problems such as stress, health issues, etc. 

Some women even experience pain near ovaries and light-blood spotting during ovulation. Excessive body fat also disturbs it and thus causing pain in the abdomen.

Breast Tenderness:

It is common to experience pain in your breasts during ovulation. The reasons are the two hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. Some women even feel heavy breasts for some time in the mid of the cycle. Those having a 28-day cycle will get breast tenderness around day 21. Some of the signs include soreness on nipples, breast tenderness, etc. 

During ovulation, women experience breast tenderness due to hormonal changes. Again, these hormones are the same reason to experience breast tenderness before and after ovulation. For some women, breast pain is the symptom of early pregnancy too.

Discharge Of Egg-White Cervical Mucus:

During this period, you may experience more discharge than normal. The reason for getting more discharge is the increase in cervical mucus volume. During the fertile window of women, cervical mucus helps keep the sperms alive for five days. This will increase the chances of pregnancy. 

Additionally, cervical mucus is like a lubricant during the time of intercourse. It also helps to transfer the sperm nearer to the egg. Cervix has glands that produce this cervical mucus. 


In addition to the above ways, women can guess the ovulation time by detecting their body temperature. There will be a slight increase in the basal body temperature. Thus, the above article helps to know the signs of ovulation.

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