5 Things to Remember During Wallpaper Installation in Adelaide

Wallpaper Installation in Adelaide

It goes without saying that wallpapers are one of the best and the cheapest ways of marketing any business. Their sheer size offers them the definitive edge when it comes to marketing any brand or products. A client coming into your office would surely take note of the marketing campaign you are running through the wallpaper. The message won’t be lost on someone walking by the street either. From retail stores to start-ups businesses are increasingly opting for wallpaper installation in Adelaide as a means to take their message to the potential customers.

There are good chances that you are planning to promote your business through wall art in Adelaide. After all you don’t need to pay for the space to promote your business (since you own it or have taken it on lease) and also have the liberty to change the wallpapers at will thanks to their low cost of installation. While you may rope in the best name for wallpaper installation in Adelaide without installation plans you may not be able to draw the desired mileage out of your project. It is so easy to get the whole installation wrong. If you are looking to grab maximum eyeballs and boost your sales with wallpapers do follow these five important wallpaper installation tips –

  1. Not All Walls Are Dimensionally Perfect – If you haven’t built the space yourself, don’t trust what you see with the naked eye. Not all walls are dimensionally perfect and a small error committed decades ago by a mason may spoil the look. Make sure measure the dimensions of the wall before you get going with ordering for the wallpapers. Once you have a safe area to play around with sky is the limit with creativity.
  2. Get The Design Right – You need to get the design right to achieve maximum impact upon installation. What is the distance from which an average customer would be viewing the wallpapers? This is one of the most important things you should bear in mind while getting those designed. If your target audience is likely to see them from a distance such as in case of a large sized room you need to focus on large texts and graphics. If they are installed right behind your front desk you can pack them with informative texts and small graphics.
  3. Spend Time on Preparing Surface – You need to devote time to preparing the surface for seamless installation of the wallpapers and quite literally so. A good wallpaper installation company would do it for you but preparing the surface beforehand is always advisable. Get rid of any nails, posters and other protruding objects you may have on the walls. This helps in achieve smoother finish.
  4. Maximum Visibility over Size– Ideally you’d want to install wallpapers on the biggest walls of your office and retail store. This allows you to play with maximum surface area and get creative with your campaign. But is the biggest wall also the most visible one? If not you should choose the most visible area available to install the wallpapers. The idea here is for everyone to be able to see the wallpapers when they walk into your office or they are walking past it. More the visibility more is the impact.
  5. Do Keep In Mind Lighting – Lights are a make or break element when it comes to marketing with wallpapers. If they aren’t lit well enough the details on your wallpaper is lost. Make it too bright and customers won’t like looking at it. After you have installed the wallpaper do take note of how lighting affects their appearance. You may need to install new lights to brighten them or manage ones you already have installed.

You can clearly see that the tips mentioned above would maximize the impact of your marketing campaign through wallpapers. Get it touch with a professional team that offers bespoke wall art in Adelaide and you are all set to grow your business.

About the author: Noah McLean is an Australia based blogger and works in the advertisement industry. She has a keen interest in studying the and takes inspiration from them. Here she has given tips and useful information regarding wall art in Adelaide.