Top WordPress Instagram Plugins to Use in 2020

WordPress Instagram Plugins

The photo-sharing social site Instagram is the best content source for your business website. Thanks to WordPress (WP) Instagram plugins that help to get stellar content into your site. Both the free and paid WP plugins will make displaying images easier from a particular Instagram profile on your site. The Instagram image feeds could be integrated into the posts as well as the pages. You can also choose to display the feeds in the footer or sidebar sections of your website with a widget. Instagram and blogging on WP also help you to make money. 

According to an article published on, these days many business owners look for influencers for the promotion of their content, while bloggers too can reach out to companies and brands connecting Instagram influencers with brands. 

If you would like to show stunning visuals from Instagram on your WP site, here are the top WP Instagram plugins to use in 2020:

Feed Them Social 

This plug-in works with Instagram as well as with Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! If you would like to use one plug-in to show content from multiple social sites on your business website, then Feed Them Social is your best bet. 

The free version of this plug-in supports Instagram feeds, album groups, Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, Pinterest pins, boards, and of course events. The paid version will let you show off content from YouTube feeds, carousels, and Facebook video feeds. You can also look for a couple of other extensions for the plug-in for additional options. 

While using the free version of this plug-in, you have the option to exhibit content from numerous feeds as well as accounts, which includes your own as well as of others. The content from the feeds could be displayed in your pages, posts, as well as other content, like in your site’s sidebar section. The greatest benefit is that all content is mobile responsive for utmost device compatibility. 

As far as Feed Them Social is concerned, it’s an extremely flexible and easily customizable plug-in to exhibit content from chosen feeds. Moreover, you can get a glimpse of this social plug-in to learn how it works on the plug-in homepage. So what are you thinking, huh? Try this tool and you will benefit from the same. 

Instagram Feed

It is a well-liked and accepted free WP Instagram plug-in with a positive rating and more than 900,000 installations. 

When your WP site is live, simply show your images from non-private Instagram profiles. The tool provides you with the choice of building numerous feeds so that you can these all over your website. Every feed can show images from numerous accounts, ensuring the best way to make certain your site shows a consistent flow of stunning images from multiple sources. With this tool, making photos stunning, it becomes possible to buy 25 real Instagram followers so that you can grow your business

When it comes to Instagram Feed, you have the utmost control as to how the photos should be displayed on your business website. You’ll be able to modify the height and breadth of the images and the number of visuals displayed at one point in time. The option ‘Load more’ button gives your visitors the power to see stunning content from the featured feeds, as they like. 

The plug-in is completely responsive and therefore, your Instagram visuals will look spectacular and stunning on smartphones, iPads, PCs, laptops, and other devices. The tool is updated regularly that ensures the plug-in is compatible with the current modifications in the way Instagram Plugins functions. 

Enjoy Plug-in for Instagram Plugins

The tool provides you with a plethora of options as to how Instagram content is shown on your WP site.

The carousel, photo grid options, and the functionality of importing content from a particular Instagram account as well as the hashtags, this tool makes certain that you can integrate your social feed the way you like. You can also use the sidebar widget or for that matter the shortcodes to show the feeds on your website. It will let you add feed content to your pages and posts. 

The tool does not let down you when it comes to the ways the images are displayed. With the carousel modes and grids, you have the choice to activate the ‘lightbox effect’ for the Instagram photos giving visitors the capability to see bigger content versions. You will get a better idea of this plug-in by looking up the demo links on the plug-in web page. Enjoy Plug-in for Instagram is one of the best tools you can use to reap the maximum benefits out of the same. 


It is indeed true that Instagram is one of the most visually appealing social media platforms that businesses use to promote their products or services. The plugins provide you with maximum flexibility so that you can use Instagram photos the way you want.

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