5 Ways Probiotics Can Lift Your Mood

Probiotic Day Cream

Found in many foods, probiotics are a type of good bacteria that are known to have health benefits. While they were initially believed to only treat the gut, further research shows it can be effective in helping improve your mood and mental well-being. This is because there is a connection between your brain and your gut. Before you start having probiotic-rich foods or applying probiotic day cream, you should know a few things about probiotics and the benefits that come with them.

Five Probiotics Benefits

  1. The symptoms of many mental disorders can be alleviated using probiotics. It has shown marked improvement in people with OCD, anxiety, autism, VSL#3 and depression. Some people diagnosed with depression have seen an improvement after taking probiotics for as little as two months. And when it comes to anxiety, the amount of probiotics in your guts affects how well your brain functions.
  1. It can also be beneficial to those with Alzheimer’s disease. Because of the inflammation that takes place in the brain, probiotics can help by decreased inflammation and lessening the symptoms. As a result, probiotics can prevent people with this diagnosis from experiencing rapid cognitive decline.
  1. ADHD is a condition that can affect your mood negatively. The use of probiotics can control and even prevent it in certain individuals. This is one of the ways in which the brain is connected to the gut. A simple imbalance is enough to cause a person to be diagnosed with ADHD.
  1. Eating foods with probiotics in them can help regulate your blood sugar and cut down on the likelihood of mood swings occurring. Some of the best foods to eat for a dose of probiotics include yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and fermented pickles. Consuming these foods keeps your body full of healthy bacteria without having to take supplements.
  1. Probiotics are good for your nervous system. They have the ability to act as a natural anti-depressant. This can improve your mood as well as your cognitive functions.

Lifting Your Mood With Probiotics

Probiotics can lift your mood in the same way that prescription medications can. This is a healthier way to keep your mood happy and positive without any of the possible side effects that medication can cause. Anxiety and depression are caused by too much activity in your brain, which probiotics slow down naturally.

They can help you relax and go to sleep when negative thoughts are flowing through your mind, essentially putting at least a temporary stop to them. In turn, this can lead to better sleeping habits, which are linked with improved moods in humans.

An unhealthy gut is sometimes all it takes to make a person experience negative emotions. By taking probiotics, you can take an unhealthy gut and turn it into a healthy one.

The link between your gut and your brain has a lot to do with regulating your moods. Probiotics help move neurotransmitters from your gut to your brain. When they reach your brain it is affected in a positive way.

It is easy to incorporate the use of probiotic day cream into your life, as well as into your diet via certain foods and drinks.