The Best Spy App For Android In 2019

Best Spy App For Android

Android mobile phones and tablets over the years have made their way to the next level and today we used to see android devices everywhere. The reason behind android technology has grown so much; is because of new shapes, models of the devices, and specs in particular are worthy enough when it comes to the usage of the devices. Today, android cell phones and tablets are everyone’s cup of tea and you see even young kids and teens on their mobile phone devices and using them for plenty of activities.

At business organizations, employers usually equip their employees with cell phones to use it for customer care and to perform plenty of activities like that. Therefore, parents and employers are looking forward to having a high–tech tool to monitor the android devices of kids and employees respectively. So, I am going to tell you about the best spy apps for android that enable you to do surveillance on your target android cell phones and tablets to the fullest.

How to know which spy software for android is the best in 2019?

There is plenty of mobile phone spy software for android floating on the web and all brands claim it as the best one. However, to be the best cell phone monitoring app among dozens of one, plenty of high techs –tools packed. Furthermore, user–a friendly interface and an easy installation process are also of major factors. There are the following mentioned tools the best phone tracking should have that we are going to discuss below.

Features of Best android spy app in 2019

Surround Monitoring

It enables a user to remotely get access to the target android phone and take control of the MIC using the MIC bug app. It further allows the user to record and listen to surround sounds. Furthermore, you can take control of the target device’s front and back cameras respectively, and capture surroundings in terms of short videos back to back using the camera bug app. besides, users can use the camera bug app to capture images.


It is an exclusive feature that only a single android monitoring app is packed with that makes it the best phone surveillance app. It enables the user to use spy 360 live camera streaming that enables a user to connect with target device cameras in real-time and give you live streaming of android surroundings. However, the user can also use spy360 live surround listening to listen to the surroundings of android in real-time.

Live Screen Recording

You can perform real-time screen recording on android to see live activities happen on an android screen using live screen recorder software. It was simply capable of recording screen activities in the shape of short back-to-back videos and users can visit the control panel to see the live recorder videos of social media, emails, YouTube, SMS, passwords, and many others alike.

IM’s social media

There are plenty of social media apps that are popular among android cell phone users and you can monitor the instant messengers in terms of logs using social media messenger monitoring apps. You can track multimedia shared, chats, conversations, and Voice messages.

Browsing activities

The end-user can spy on browsing activities in terms of visited websites, and bookmarks using an android tracking app.

GPS location tracker

You can track the real-time GPS location of android using GPS location tracking software. Besides, you can get to know GPS location history in terms of weekly location history and daily location history. Moreover, you can set safe and dangerous areas on Google MAP.

Call recording

Users can record and listen to android phone calls in real-time using a secret call recorder and you can also save the recorded data on the web control panel.

Android Phone controller

Mobile phone spy software is the best of the best tool against the so-called android tracking apps available at cyberspace. You can remotely control text messages and block messaging activity, block incoming calls and the internet within no time, and last but not least you can see the installed apps.


Rather than making time-wasting phrases, if you are looking forward to getting your hands on the best android surveillance app of 2019, then you need to have all above mentioned exclusive features in a single application.