3 Ways Outsourcing Adds Value to Your Business

3 Ways Outsourcing Adds Value to Your Business

Outsourcing is a very broad concept and has obvious benefits in many situations. Outsourcing applies not only to business but also to people. People are all outsourcing in our daily life. When you buy a car, for example, you outsource the production to a car company because you can’t build it yourself. People are outsource cooking to restaurants, educating children in schools, and building roads to the government and so on. It is convenient to outsource computer maintenance to an IT company. It can be ordered in-game art outsourcing company. Now is available outsource animation at Kevuru Games.

As you can imagine, there are thousands of outsourcing types. Without outsourcing, people would probably all be living in primitive conditions. Businesses also use outsourcing to improve their ability to stay in business and compete. Usually, outsourcing includes accounting, payroll, telephone inquiries, 24-hour technical support, printing, insurance, legal services, etc. These tasks usually do not go to foreign companies ‚Äď although they could, and with the advent of the Internet, this is all more often.

The benefits of the game art outsourcing


The costs associated with an internal employee are generally higher than the costs of an external service provider. For example, it is often cheaper to hire an external accounting service to keep track of your bookkeeping, even if their hourly rate is high because you only need them for a few hours a month. You also don’t need to provide office space and all the associated overhead associated with an internal employee. All of this applies to outsourcing to a foreign country or not. But if you outsource to a country that has a lower cost of living, you will have the added benefit of lower labor costs from game outsource studios.

Access to high-paying talent

An external vendor may be your only solution if you need someone with specific skills such as computer programming or legal services. An outside contractor can provide this because the costs are shared among all of their clients of 2d animation services.

Quality of service

Outside providers are usually specialists, meaning they focus their efforts on providing services that you lack expertise. This, in turn, allows your business to focus on your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. An external vendor is also generally able to provide a more consistent level of service than you would with internal employees.

Is external management beneficial or not

The advantages and disadvantages of using outsourcing allow the customer to assess how beneficial external management is for him. The cons are not as obvious as the pros. This can be explained by the constant growth in the popularity of the service. It allows the business to reduce gross costs and frees up the current resources of the company for conducting core activities.

The contractor assumes the same functions as the divisional specialist, if any, performs. But as a pro, he performs operations at a higher level, simultaneously removes current loads from the client. The service price depends on the financial policy of a particular company, it will be lower than the cost of maintaining a full-time specialist (with holidays, sick leave, tax deductions). This determines the benefits and several advantages of business.

How will outsourcing help in the IT industry?

Not a single modern company can do without the use of information technology. The same sales programs require constant maintenance. You can, of course, hire a full-time employee to do this. But in addition to the salary, you will also need to spend money on:

  • Equipping the workplace with special equipment.
  • Employee‚Äôs social insurance payments.
  • Vacation, hospital, and other bonuses.
  • Training.

And still, an isolated IT worker will know and not be able to do as much as a team of specialists constantly working with different companies and having their approaches and tricks. It is such a team that you are invited to hire as an outsource.

And here is the first advantage of outsourcing: you will have the guarantee that qualified specialists with the right experience will take on the task.

One of the striking examples: the conclusion of an agreement with an Internet provider on the provision of a virtual PBX. This contract also includes the opportunity to use 24/7 technical support, which will be the best alternative for an employee who works only 8 hours 5 days a week.


Business support by third parties can be very beneficial for the company. The service involves the transfer of several operations to out-of-state specialists. It saves money because the work of full-time professionals is more expensive and the quality is often lower.

External management is most popular in the legal, financial, logistics, marketing, HR, IT areas. The obvious advantages of outsourcing are attracting more and more owners of large companies, private entrepreneurs. One or more segments can be transferred for management (only accounting or both 1C and legal issues).