Simon Leviev Instagram Account Deleted: Tinder Swindler on the Run?

Simon Leviev
Credit: Indiewire

Simon Leviev Instagram account deleted, did you know? Just the words you never thought would flash across your computer screen have flashed. The infamous scammer who has his own Netflix documentary just deleted his Instagram account after sharing his review on the series. Now, this is something big.

If you have been following the news on this guy, you will know that he is crafty as hell and utterly without fear. Why his very moniker will tell you all you need to know about Simon. The internet and media dubbed him the Tinder Swindler for a very particular habit of his. Let us take a closer look at his notorious figure and what precisely he did. 

Who is the Tinder Swindler? 

Now Simon Leviev is a scammer out and out. But he has a very specific modus operandi. His stalking ground is the popular dating app Tinder and his target is always a vulnerable girl. Simon used to match with women on Tinder and engage in conversation with them, later manipulating them into sending him money for a variety of phoney reasons.

That is not all. He also had a very convenient lie ready for all the women he met. He pretended to be the ultra-rich son of the CEO of a diamond mining company. After he suitably impressed them, he enticed them into his extravagant lifestyle of private yachts and five-star hotel suites. 

Just as the women began getting convinced about his status as a millionaire, Simon manipulated them into sending him money. They loaned large sums of money to him via credit cards or, sometimes, hard cash. Critics estimate that he stole close to $10 million in this manner from the women he dated. Interpol agents finally arrested the con man in Greece while using a forged passport. As we write is also wanted in Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United States on several counts of forgery and fraud. 

Simon’s Claims

Simon’s Claims

Like most frauds, after they are arrested, Simon claims to be an innocent man. He says he is just a normal guy who wants to meet some girls on Tinder. But his crimes are out in the open for one and all to see. He borrowed money from other girls and used it to take others on lavish dinners while promptly cutting all contact with the previous party.

Crying over spilt milk is not going to work now, so Simon can try all he wants to claim innocence. His last relationship was with the Israeli model Kate Konlin. Quite strangely, she stayed in a relationship with him long after the documentary. However, she has since shown great wisdom and broken up with him. 

Simon’s Claims

The very influential Leviev family filed a case of slander against him as well. They accused him of damaging the family name. What’s more, even Konlin has accused him of abusing her in the same manner as his other victims by borrowing an absurd amount of money and failing to return it. We will be watching very closely as to how he wriggles out of these claims. 

The Deletion

Before deleting his Instagram account, Simon said he would come back with his own side of the story and entreated people to keep an open mind. However, criminals have tried this trick before, and it never works. What side of the story he wants to explore, we ask? But yes, Simon Leviev Instagram account is now deleted. 


1. Where is Simon Leviev now?

Simon Leviev is now in Israel.

2. What is Simon Leviev Instagram?

Simon Leviev deleted his Instagram account after claiming to come out with his side of the story.

3. What happened to Simon Leviev Instagram account?

He deleted his account. 

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