Ike Turner Spouse, Tina Turner the ‘Queen of Rock Music’ American Musician

Ike Turner spouse
CIRCA 1963: Husband-and-wife R&B duo Ike & Tina Turner pose for a portrait in circa 1963. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

There are many amazing singers in the world with the best vocals. Still, there are only a few icons that bring charisma on stage. One such exceptional singer is Ike Tuner’s spouse that is Tina Turner. She is a singer who rose to fame with a beautiful voice and performance. 

Soon she met the love of her life Ike turner who is also a legendary singer. After marriage, Tina and Ike were a fantastic duo on stage. The ‘Rhythm’ album of the couple was a massive hit in the 1950s. However, several untold facts about Ike turner’s spouse are not in light. Here are details you need to know about Ike Turner spouse

Tina Turner’s background, parents and music 

Born in 1939 Tina Turner is from Bonsvellie Tennessee. Her parents are Floyd and Zelma Bullock who did humble jobs in Tennessee. In the 1950s parents of Tina worked as sharecroppers. After separating from her parents and she lives with her grandparents in Tennessee. While growing up she did have a great talent for singing. 

Tina turner

At the age of 16, she decides to move to Missouri where she meets Ike for the first time. Ike an emerging singer at that time did not hesitate to join Tina in his band. Due to this collaboration, Tina and Ike gave a spectacular song for the audience that is ‘Rhythm’. This album was an exceptional start for both Tina and Ike in their music career. 

Career, fame and pop star title 

The first record name of Ike for the ‘Rhythm’ album was Little Ann. After their first collaboration, Tina Turner and Ike started to date each other. Further, after 1984 Tina turner gave the best to the world with back-to-back hit albums. Also, not only did she become a star in music but also got a chance to act in films. 

Some of the films Tina Turner’s are ‘Tommy’, ‘Mad Max beyond Thunderstorm’, ‘Last Action Hero’ and ‘What’s Love Got to do with it’ biopic. Through these films, Tina turner did steal the hearts of many fans at that time. Meantime, Tina did achieve many great things in her career such as hitting 100 million records and the Grammys award. 

Dating life, marriage of the singer 

Many know Tina Turner as the spouse of Ike Turner but few personal life details remain a secret. Many do not know that the real name of Tina Turner is Ana Mae Bullock. She thought to change her name when performing with Ike. Also, in this spectacular music career, Tina Turner found the love of her life that is Ike. The smooth relationship between the couple did not end well. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced in 1978. 

The kids and adopted children of Ike Turner spouse

From their marriage, the couple has two sons that are Ronald and Craig. Tina had a good heart due to which she also adopted Ike’s other children from his first marriage. Turner Jr and Micheal are adopted kids of Tina who she raised as her own. Still, the tragic death of Craig tuner in 2018 is a tough time for Tina and her family.

 After her divorce from Ike turner, Tina started to date a German man. Tina and Erwin batch are together for 27 years when they finally decide to marry in 2013. Even with many health issues and struggles Tina turner is doing the best she can with her time.


Ike Turner spouse is Tina Turner who is a legendary pop star in America. The couple got divorced after years of marriage. Still, the world speaks about this duo and their amazing performances. 

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