Cara Buono Hot Scene Was Dropped Eventually

Cara Buono
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The Carla Buono hot scene was the most awaited moment of Stranger Things Season 3. Come on, who doesn’t like a bit of fling in a show all about complicated relationships? But there was something in the sexual tension between Karen Wheeler, played by Buono, and Billy, played by Dacre Montogomery.

Their chemistry was introduced in a brief scene in Season 2 and was hot enough to scald screens all around the world. While we dearly wished for something scandalous to happen between them, it seems fate had other plans. We delve into it. 

The Redemptive Scene

Stranger Things does contain some amount of gore, death and romantic scenes. But overall, it is a rather kid-friendly show aimed at teenagers. The Duffer Brothers would not have allowed any sizzling scenes in it anyway. So the culmination of the sexual tension between Billy and Karen was eventually dropped, but that is not all.

At the beginning of the season, we find Karen dressing up and applying makeup for her dalliance with Billy. It is a simple scene but a powerful one. Having seen Mr Wheeler’s mannerisms and attitude towards his marriage, we know Karen is sexually unsatisfied in her marriage, which is why she puts some extra effort into dressing up for someone who shows such interest in her. 

The Redemptive Scene
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But here is the thing. Just when Karen finishes getting ready for her affair and comes down the stairs, she sees something that stops her. Her husband is sleeping in a chair with their baby daughter Holly in his arms. This makes her pause and rethink her decision to cheat on her husband. Sure, she could get intense sexual pleasure from a handsome, aggressive hunk like Bill. But at the same time, she would be deceiving her children and shattering their faith in her. She takes some time to reassess her decisions clearly. 

The Realization

The Realization
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Karen eventually realizes that Billy going out with her is not a big deal. He is much younger than her, a single dude and flirts with almost every other girl out there. He can easily drop her for some other girl if things go south. But for her, a full-grown woman with plenty at stake, she cannot afford to make that mistake. And then Karen takes the decision not to go out with Billy. It is a powerfully scripted moment in the series and brings out the emotional depth of some characters. 

Buono says that the original scene was not supposed to go that way. Karen would come down after dressing up for the date and find her husband sleeping on the couch alone. But according to her, that alone would have given her even more reason to cheat. As we already know, Mr Wheeler did not have much interest in the marriage, and his relationship with his wife was strange and awkward. However, just as Karen saw her daughter sleeping with him, her mind changed in a fraction of a second. 

The addition of Holly was a rather powerful statement. It sparked Karen’s motivation to stay, and she decided not to go ahead with the dalliance. Family is indeed a great deterrent if one is trying to fight temptation. Having said that, not watching the chemistry between Karen and Billy is indeed a wasted opportunity. I’m sure legions of fans around the world feel the same way. Some Carla Buono hot scenes would have ramped things up. 


1. Where can I find Carla Buono hot pics?

You can find them on the internet. 

2. Is Karen Wheeler in love with Billy?

No but she does become sexually attracted to him.

3. Did Karen Wheeler sleep with Billy?

No she restrains herself in the very end. 

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