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Jessica Ditzel

Jessica Ditzel – who is she?

Everyone knows who Joe Rogan is. But this article is not about Joe Rogan but his other half Jessica Ditzel, who said “I do” to him in 2009. In recent times, there are people out there who would do anything to get the spotlight of fame but not Jessica Ditzel.

She is not much of a person with an attractive social life and is not active on any social media platform. Also, no public appearances or interviews can be expected of her. The only way to see her is on the streets of L.A. as she goes about her life. 

Full Name Jessica Sloan Ditzel
Date of Birth July 18, 1975
Nationality American
Birth place Sugar Land, Texas
Parents and siblings Jeff Conrad Ditzel- Father
Trinity Ditzel- Sister
Profession Model
Product analyst for Volvo
Religion Christianity
Estimated Net Worth: $3 million
Source of wealth Modeling
Appearances in commercials
other professional endeavors
Marital Status Married
Spouse/dating Kevin Connor (ex boyfriend)
Jerri Manthey (ex-boyfriend)
Lakana Zee (ex-boyfriend)
Joe Rogan- Husband (m. 2009)
Kids Kayja Rose Connor- Daughter with Kevin Connor
Rose Rogan (Kayja Rose) – Daughter with Joe Rogan
Lola Rogan- Daughter with Joe Rogan
Education Doherty High School in Colorado Springs
California State University-Long Beach
Height/weigh Height- 5 feet 10 inches (178cm)
Weight- 65kg (143lbs)

This article will turn the spotlight to Jessica Ditzel, who remains a mystery for the outside world. This is mainly because she tries not to have the spotlight on herself. Now, this sneak article will include all about Joe Rogan’s wife, Jessica Ditzel, from her biography, background, and other curious facts to know who she is.

Jessica Ditzel

Biography of Jessica Ditzel

The full name of Jessica Ditzel is Jessica Sloan Ditzel was born to a middle-class family in the United States. She was born on July 18, 1975, in Sugar Land, Texas, where she spent most of her former years. There’s some speculation going on that she, along with her family, might have moved to Houston and lived there till 2002.

Jessica Ditzel’s teen years, schooling, and family occupation remain to be a clouded mystery. The only thing that is known is that she graduated from Doherty High School, Colorado, in 1993.

Not much information is known about her university’s bachelor’s degree. But she certainly got her degree from California State University. The career path of Jessica Ditzel is not a definite straight line as she took different types of jobs before landing in modeling opportunity.

In 2010, she had a big career opportunity by being a model for M Model Management. For Rent-A-Car business enterprise, she gained experience as a Management Assistant. She even worked as a Product Analyst for Volvo Motorsports. Right now, she is working for a California based company as an account executive in Robert Half Technology. Even though her initial career in modeling never succeeded, she did appear for several campaigns and endorsements.

Jessica Ditzel is listed as one of the successful T.V. producers in the industry in recent times. She helps with the production of her husband’s shows. Some appearance of her can be seen in his podcasts. 

Family of Jessica Ditzel

She is the second daughter of the family. Other than this piece of information, nothing is known of her family. Even their religious adherence, whether they were Catholics, Anglicans, or Evangelicals, is not known for sure. Another thing that is known about her family is that she has an elder sister with the name Trinity, but no extra details could be collected.

Family of Jessica Ditzel

Jessica Ditzel even worked in a bar as a cocktail waitress where her future husband Joe Rogan first met her. After that first meeting, they continued to date for a while. Then, as a surprise to her husband’s loyal fans, the couple got engaged in 2008. The next year they exchanged their wedding vows with modest celebration, inviting only relatives and close friends. This beautiful union produced 2 amazing children. In 2008, their first baby daughter was born, and they named her Lola. Two years later, in 2010, their second baby came, and they called her Rose. Currently, all four of them are residing in Bell Canyon, California.


Amazingly, Jessica Ditzel and her husband have done the almost impossible task of keeping family matters private from the Hollywood buzz. This is why the family seems somewhat mysterious and contributes to all the confusion about her identity.

Facts about Jessica Ditzel -【Biography】Age, Net Worth, Height, Married, Nationality

Jessica Ditzel is a former model, product analyst, account executive and famous personality who is famous for being the wife of MMA commentator, host, comedian, and businessman Joe Rogan. How old is Jessica Ditzel? She was born on July 18, 1975, in Suger Land, Texas, United States and Now she is 44 years old. Read more about her Family, Ethnicity, Nationality, and Education Jessica is an American former model

  • Net worth

She only made a fair amount of money with multiple jobs and short modeling career. But the estimated amount of her total earnings is unknown. Whether any other auxiliary support income streams are present for Jessica Ditzel is not known. However, sources estimate that her total net worth will amount to 500,000 dollars. This amount, when compared to her husband’s net worth, looks more like a hill made of beans.

  • Three daughters

We just saw before that Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel has two daughters. Then what is this about a third daughter? Kayja Rose Connor, a singer who was born on August 23, 1996, is the third daughter. She is a daughter from an earlier relationship with Jessica Ditzel and late Keven Connor. He is also called as Dino and was a former member of the R&B group. At the age of 28, he died in a car crash. So the third daughter followed her late dad’s footsteps and became an R&B singer. Well, today Kayja Rose Connor is a legally adopted daughter of Joe Rogan.

  • The crisis of Jessica Ditzel

It is easy to mistake a person for another, especially in the online world. That is the confusion occurring today with Jessica Ditzel. People are confusing Jessica Ditzel’s identity with Jessica Lynne Schimmel, and there are rampant online rumors to confirm this misconception. The truth to be told, these two women have absolutely nothing in common with an exception to the year of marriage. The latter is the daughter of Robert Schimmel, a popular comedian. This woman even went to pre-med in college and married Benjamin Katz.

The most remarkable thing about the Rogan family is that they can keep public celebrity life strictly separate from their private family life from the outside world, which is extremely hard in Hollywood. Jessica Ditzel and her husband Joe Rogan have a good healthy relationship with a tight circle of friends who won’t gossip about their family.

Joe Rogan Wife: Facts About Jessica Ditzel : We all know that Joe Rogan is a famous stand-up artist in the United States who has thousands of people show up for his shows and earn millions. His wife Jessica Rogan is also a celebrity in her way, and the above article is all the information about this secretive family.