Respawn Gaming Chair: Are They Best In the Market?

Gaming Chair

Gaming chair are the new big thing among gamers or even normal computer users. If you are planning to buy a new gaming chair for yourself and considering Respawn then read this article. We have mentioned the five best Respawn Gaming Chair in the market. 

Introduction to Respawn Gaming Chair

Respawn was created in 2017 and is a subsidiary of the HNI Company, which also owns various furniture companies such as OFM and Maxon. It is a young company, but it has already established a reputation for producing comfortable products at moderate price.

Respawn Gaming Chair

Respawn gaming seats are provide comfort during long gaming sessions. Most of their gaming seats can recline and are height-adjustable. Many have lumbar and neck cushions for additional padding and support. 

They wrap their chairs with materials such as synthetic leather and mesh. Synthetic leather is long-lasting and simple to clean, while mesh is comfortable and allows air to move freely for cooling. The price is one of the primary reasons to buy a Respawn gaming chair. The seats are reasonably priced in comparison to many competitors, and they still come with a limited lifetime warranty.

5 Best Respawn Gaming Chair

What characteristics distinguish the best Respawn gaming chairs? This low-cost gaming furniture firm created a reputation for itself by offering gaming chairs with interesting features and amazing pricing. These chairs, like the best office chairs in general, have an ergonomic design with features such as an integrated lumbar support cushion and adjustable padded armrests.

1. Respawn 900

The 900 from Respawn is a more relaxing take on a gaming chair. The 900 belongs in the living area and is ideal for console players. This chair has the impression of a sofa, with soft cushioning all around. It comes in black, red, blue, and white. In regards to other Respawn chairs it got a comfortable neck pillow. 

Respawn 900

The 900 lacks castors for mobility, however it does have a few functions that compensate for this. It includes an independent footrest that folds up and can recline up to 135 degrees. A cup holder on the left armrest and a retractable storage pouch are two useful features.

Respawn’s 900, like any other chair, have a few flaws. It can be difficult to move about because there are no castors. After extended gaming sessions, the synthetic leather can become heated. Despite its shortcomings, the 900 is a well-equipped gaming chair that urges you to unwind.

2. Respawn 205

The 205 is one of the most famous Respawn chairs. With its racing seat style and brightly coloured upholstery, it matches a variety of gaming chairs on the market. Despite its similar seat design, the 205’s backrest is distinct from most gaming chairs by a huge mesh panel. The mesh is strong enough to provide support while also allowing air to move freely to keep you cool. 

Respawn 205

Some of the other pieces are made of conventional synthetic leather. The synthetic leather goes around the seat and frames the mesh on the backrest. It also includes the lumbar and neck support pillows that can be adjusted. The 205’s adjustment features aren’t the best, but they’re adequate for the price. 

There is a changeable height and armrests, as well as a reclining function. Unfortunately, the armrests can only be moved up and down, and the recliner can only be adjusted to a maximum of 130 degrees. Many of the greatest gaming chairs have the ability to recline up to 166 degrees, which may be more comfortable for some users.

3. Respawn Spectre 

If you need a more subtle chair for the office, the Specter is a perfect choice. It has a more modest appearance than the 205, yet it is nonetheless attractive and available in black or grey. The only component of the chair that is covered in synthetic leather is the adjustable headrest, while the rest is made of mesh.

Respawn Spectre

It has far more adjustment features than the 205. The seat depth can be adjusted and slid back and forward. The armrests are three-dimensionally adjustable, which means they may travel up and down, back and forth, and rotate left and right. You can adjust the headrest by moving it up and down.

The curved shape of the backrest provides additional lumbar support, although it may be too large for some persons. The Specter is a modest alternative to standard gaming seats, with enough adjustment capabilities to suit a wide range of users. When compared to other gaming chairs, it is a good buy.

4. Respawn 400

The 400 chair is Respawn’s huge and tall option. It’s a heavy-duty chair with a higher weight limit and wider dimensions than the others on the list. The seat measures 24.25 inches by 22.75 inches, as compared to the 205’s 20.5-by-20.5-inch seat. The backrest is also wider and more comfortable. 

Respawn 400

The 400 also has a substantially bigger weight capability of 400 pounds as opposed to the 205’s 255 pounds. Aside from the size difference, the 400 and 205 share many features. The 400 features a racing seat with extra neck and back support pillows. Both chairs can lean to 130 degrees and are available in bold colours such as red, green, and blue.

The 400 is the most expensive chair on this list. The price is more than the others, but that is to be expected given the larger size and robust design. It provides excellent value for gamers who require additional room.

5. Respawn 110

If you want a footrest on a more traditional gaming chair, the Respawn 110 is a great option. The synthetic leather fabric and huge backrest are two of the Respawn 110’s more classic features. The main contrast is a smart footrest that allows you to put your feet up and relax. It fits under the chair and is simple to use. Simply slide the bars out and flip the footrest into position.

Respawn 110

The chair is more comfortable than a normal gaming chair due to the deeper reclining angle and footrest. Unfortunately, because the arms are attached to the back and seat, they travel back when the chair reclines.

Some customers who prefer a higher level of mobility may be disappointed by the lack of flexible arms. The 110 is not only comfy, but also reasonably priced. It is significantly less expensive than the 900 and includes a reclining feature and a footrest.


Whether it is gaming or office work, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Respawn gaming chair has gained quite popularity due to its price to feature ratio. If you are planning to buy one then read this article to know the 5 best gaming chairs by Respawn with their advantages and disadvantages. Hope this helps you make a better decision.

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