Angela Peralta How Did She Die? Singing, Died, Born & Relationships

Angela Peralta

Angela Peralta is quite famous as a brilliant Opera singer. People also know her as the Mexican Nightingale. In fact, we should also mention that she was her country’s exclusive soprano. In the 19th Century, Angela was a pretty popular singing talent for sure. 

Even though she lived a very concise life, her approach to singing was just simply outstanding. Angela also toured Europe a few times and tied knot twice as well. In just 38 years of her life, she achieved a lot of fame and accolades from many. 

So, if you want to know about Ángela Peralta, then you are at the right place. Here we will mention a few riveting facts about Angela’s life. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this article and find out everything that you need to know about Angela’s life.

Ángela Peralta

Early Life Of Angela

Real Name Angela Peralta
Nickname Mexican Nightingale
Net Worth $250k USD 
Date of Birth 6 June 1845
Age 38 years old (died 1883)
Birthplace Mexico City, Mexico
Current Residence N/A
Nationality Mexican
Profession Opera Singer, Composer
Martial Status Married
Boyfriend/ Affairs Julian Montiel y Duarte (husband)
Religion Christianity 
Zodiac sign Cancer


In order to know about Angela’s life, let’s start from the very beginning. As per the sources, her date of birth is 1845, 6th July. She was from Mexico, in the Las Vizcainas neighborhood. As per the sources, Angela’s father was a soldier and educator. 

From her childhood, she displayed love and also a gift for singing. That’s the reason why her parents exposed her to training from her childhood. A music tutor taught her the basics. At present, people listen to her old songs and feel a sense of calmness. She was one of the best singers of her time for sure. Angela Peralta’s voice has a passionate resonance. 

The sources tell us that her prominence began to take hold with her solo performance of Cavatina from Balisario, an Italian Opera. She belonged to a humble family and acquired an education at an early age as well. 

Ángela Peralta Singing

So, as we mentioned earlier, Angela Peralta had a gift for singing beautiful pieces. Her voice had a strong and passionate resonance that could uplift anyone’s mood. Even now, her voice sounds simply incredible. Of course, she did practice a lot and a lot of credit has to go to her music tutor as well who taught her the basics of singing.

Ángela Peralta Singing

Angela Peralta Born

Well, as we mentioned earlier in this article, Angela was born in the year 1845, on 6th July. She was from Mexico City. In addition, she belonged to the Las Vizcainas neighborhood in her childhood. 

Angela’s Career As A Singer

So, as we know, Angela Peralta is famous as an opera singer. The age in which she belonged saw a lot of eminent musicians performing with zeal and passion. Well, Angela of course had an intelligent and advanced approach to singing and that’s what made her different. She also toured Europe thrice in her life in just 38 years of living. She also belonged to a humble background and indigenous ancestry. 

Her wonderful gift for singing was also quite inspirational for the women of her time. Since her young days, she took her musical training quite seriously. Moreover, she also learned a lot of languages. Angela made her debut at La Scala in Milan as the sources tell her. 

Her followers called her El Ruisenor Mexicano and in Italy, she was famous as Angelica di voce di nome or angelic in voice and name. Angela also had international fame. The Mexican emperor Maximillan named Angela the‘ Chamber singer of the empire’. Moreover, we should also note that Angela was also an amazing player of the harp. In addition, she was a composer as well. 

Ángela Peralta Died

Well, as we can tell, this famous singer is not with us anymore. She left this mortal world on 30th August 1883. As per the sources, she was at the peak of her career at that time. However, she fell victim to an epidemic of yellow fever and that was her cause of death. This disease was almost incurable during the 19th century. She left this mortal world on 30th Aug 1883, on the upper floors of Teatro Rubio, Mazatian’s hotel Iturbide. 

Angela Peralta Died, Ángela Peralta How Did She Die
Credit: heavy

Angela Peralta How Did She Die?

As we mentioned earlier, the cause of her death was Yellow fever. It’s a very common disease now in tropical regions like Central and South America, Africa, etc. It’s a viral disease transmitted by mosquitos. 

Net Worth

The sources tell us that Angela Peralta enjoyed a net worth of around 250k USD. 


  • Who Was Angela Peralta?

Angela Peralta was one of the brilliant opera singers from the 19th Century. 

  • How Did Ángela Peralta Died?

She died of yellow fever, a viral disease, on 30th Aug 1883. 

  • How Old Was Angela?

Angela was 38 years old at the time of her death. 

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