Good Doctor Season 4 News: Release Date & More

Good Doctor Season 4
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The Good Doctor is a pretty famous drama for ABC for the past three seasons. Currently, the show has been renewed for another season. So, now that Good Doctor Season 4 is around the corner, let’s talk about the show and what to expect in the show as well.

The loyal fans of the show are eager to know more about the cast and also the story. So, it’s worth noting that Good doctor is a medical drama that features Freddie Highmore in the lead role of Dr. Shaun Murphy. The judges even nominated him for a Golden Globe for this role back in 2018.

So, the drama tells the story of Dr. Murphy, his savant syndrome, and also the challenges that he has to face as a surgeon. The drama has beautifully depicted the struggles of the lead character both in terms of emotional and social aspects.

As we know already, the show’s third season came at the end of 30th March. Some characters have departed before the conclusion of the 2-part finale and that’s why the fans are quite disappointed. However, now that there’s news for the 4th season, it’s a rejoicing time for the fans. In other words, we will get to see more from Dr. Murphy and his colleagues.

The Good Doctor – Official Trailer – Coming to ABC September 25

The Release Date For Season 4 Of The Good Doctor

So, as we just mentioned, good doctor season 4 has really made the fans of the show happy. If you are looking for the release date, then you have good news. The 4th season is already here and it was released on 2nd Nov 2020, during the COVID pandemic year.

There were a lot of speculations about whether the show will release that year or not. In fact, people felt that the directors have pushed the shootings for the show. However, it wasn’t the case as the fans enjoyed The Good Doctor season 4 in 2020 itself.

So, we can say that the show premiered on Nov 2nd on ABC. The previous season (SPOILER ALERT) ended with the untimely death of Dr. Neil Malendez. In that show’s finale, he suffered from fatal injuries after the earthquake.

Now that we know the release date for Good Doctor season 4, let’s talk about the season in detail. In addition, we shall also see the reviews from the fans.

The Covid As The Backdrop For Season 4

Even before the start of the season, there were a few speculations about the show’s backdrop. Some fans speculated that the ABC show might show covid19. Well, it seems that they were banging on target.

At the start of the show’s premiere, a woman walked into a store and handed a cashier some money before having a coughing fit. Needless to say, the fans could clearly tell that the pandemic was the central focus of the season, at least for episode 1.

Eventually, the woman was taken to the hospital. The concerned woman asked whether she had contracted the virus or not. In answer to that, Dr. Morgan told her that Coronavirus doesn’t cause a sore throat.

Throughout the show, the cast took care of a lot of covid patients. The first episode of the show arguably raised awareness about covid19 at that time.

The Review Of The Season: What Did The Fans Say?

Of course, the Good doctor season 4 was a highly anticipated show in 2020. Despite that, a lot of fans didn’t like the fictional take on the global pandemic. Some of them even took to social media to express their disappointment over the show’s attempt to imitate real-world tragedy caused by the pandemic.

They said, “Glad the show is back but why does Covid have to be in everything?”. However, as an overall season, barring the 1st episode, it was a good one. It had everything that the Good Doctor show had to offer.

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