Seo Ranking Factors 2019 For Ranking Number 1 In Google

Seo Ranking Factors 2019

As we know that google is changing their algorithms day by day. This month they have introduced core update which almost kill many big websites.

We have a great post in which you know how to choose your monthly seo package in a right way.

The seo beast Neil Patel also said many of his keywords have been hit by this update.

So come to the point I will tell you how you can rank your website after all these dangerous updates.

Write Quality Content

This is the main ranking factor nowadays I have recently ranked many keywords with on page seo.

I am going to share some tips that you need to use in your article, then I am sure your article will be automatically ranked in top 100 in google.

  1. Use bullets in your article.
  2. Use high quality images its is also very good ranking signal.
  3. Use numbering in the article like I am using.
  4. Keywords density should be under 2 percent.
  5. Use headings in article h2 and h3 according to article.
  6. Try to use tables where they need.
  7. Page speed should be good so you need to use plugins.
  8. Use unique post structure which no one already used on their sites.
  9. Theme must be seo friendly because this is also a very good ranking signal.
  10. Use lsi keywords if you don’t know what is lsi kw search in google.

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Guest Posting

The most powerful way of ranking keyword is guest blogging means you need to post articles on other people’s websites.

This is the best way to get higher ranking in search engines and it still works.

If you want to know about guest posting sites list please visit this link there is a complete guide on this topic

Broken Links

This is also one of the most powerful way of getting backlink and of course number one ranking factor of keyword ranking.

SO now I am going to tell you how to find broken links and link them to your website.

1st of all download this extension in chrome and after that install this in chrome.

So after installing it will appear in google chrome so just click on check links in any website page where you want to check broken links.

After finding broken link, contact that website owner and said to him the link is broken. Now write an article if he accepts send him article he will use your link in his article.

Avoid Seo Mistakes

You should avoid something I am going to tell you that will always hurt your google rankings.

  • Don’t use anchor text with same keyword.
  • Don’t make backlinks on websites which have already many websites linking.
  • Don’t write articles without bullets and numberings.
  • Always use high quality hd pictures don’t go for low resolution images.
  • Don’t allowed peoples articles on your websites because mostly of them are spammers.
  • Don’t use indexers and tool pingers to index your posts or backlinks.

If you have an any problem in your seo of website please ask us in comments.