How To Get Over A Breakup: Some Effective Tips

Get Over A Breakup

Being in a romantic relationship is a very blissful experience. In many cases, we have seen that a healthy relationship provides great mental stability. However, at the same time, breakups constitute the dark side of a relationship. In fact, breakups are really painful events to deal with. It never matters whether you initiated the breakup or your partner did. It will definitely create a tough situation for you. The process involved in this parting of ways is in itself a tough one. However, more stressful is the post-breakup phase.

After a breakup, we go through a wide range of emotional activities. We might feel lonely, and emotionally vulnerable, or we might also experience anger. Therefore, we must deal with the situation carefully, or else we might end up in a mess. There are some ways in which we can get over a breakup. Though these ways might not guarantee a complete cure, but they are effective to a great extent. In this article, we are going to take you through some tips that might help you to deal with a breakup effectively. 

Ways To Deal With A Breakup

Ways To Deal With A Breakup

  • Set Free Your Emotion

This is a very essential thing to do after a sad breakup episode. If you feel like crying, then do never hold back your tears. Holding up such emotions will make things difficult and add a heavy feeling to your heart. You need to understand that there is no shame in shading tears if you feel hurt and sad. It is completely okay and natural to cry. Crying will make you feel lighter.

  • Shut Off Your Partner From Social Media

Out of sight helps in keeping things out of mind. Therefore, after your breakup, block your ex-partner from all social media platforms. Social media platforms work in a very strange manner. If you search for someone else, whose initial letters are the same as that of your ex-partner, then his/her profile will show up first. This can make you feel even worse. Therefore, blocking him or she would be the best option.

Shut Off Your Partner From Social Media

  • Get Rid Of Reminders

After you block your partner from social media, the next thing you should do is delete all posts and images with him/her on social media. It is also better to delete all photos and videos of him/her from your phone. Moreover, if you have any gifts from your ex-partner, get rid of them too. This will allow you to get rid of all sad memories. 

  • Don’t Stay Back At Home

It is common for people to shut themselves up in their homes soon after a breakup. But doing this will bring back painful memories to your mind. The key here is to keep yourself busy with work. Do anything which makes you feel better. You might choose to go to a party or you can go out with your friends or can do anything to keep your mind occupied.

It’s Time For A Trip

  • It’s Time For A Trip

Going on a trip will do a world of good to lift your mood and spirit. Therefore, you might opt for a solo trip to your favourite location. You might also join your friends on a trip. This will help you to strengthen and freshen your mind and heart. 

  • Appreciate Good Things About Your Relationship

It cannot be that your past relationship was bad altogether. You must have seen some positive aspects of your ex-partner. Therefore, appreciate those things and move on. Just believe that your partner has played his/her part in your life and therefore has left you.


1. Are breakups painful to deal with?

Most breakups are painful experiences. Therefore, dealing with a breakup can be painful.

2. Is there a way to get rid of this pain?

Yes. There are many such ways. Read the article to know about some of the most effective options for you.

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