How Simpli English Can Make A Shy Kid Speak English Confidently

Simpli English

English has become a dominating language in all walks of life in the past few decades and it has become imperative to inculcate a culture of speaking clean English among the younger generation at a young age in this day. Parents are tasked most overwhelmingly with the burden of teaching their children English and improving their children’s communication skills, but this isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do.

Speaking English and good English in a confident manner has become a prerequisite to success. Simpli English has a “catch them young” policy when it comes to approaching shy kids who want to learn to speak English and whose parents want to ensure that they speak the language in a confident manner. Simpli English does this in the following ways:

  • Talking to the child only in English: 
  • Communication is key and Simpli English believes that if facilitators create an environment of communicating only in English, then that would lead to the kid developing the art of speech through listening. 
  • This would also push him to try to speak in English to meet the standards set in his environment which is a stepping stone to the aim of confidently speaking in English.
  • Periodical speaking training and speech-focussed sessions: 
  • Simpli English facilitators work on training students to speak confidently, with good diction, and while expressing an excellent command over vocabulary and diction alike
  • Planned debates and other speaking activities also build confidence in communicating in English, not only in order to speak the language but to build effective conversations and communications.
  • The speech training and sessions focussed on speaking give a shy kid the support needed to transform into a confident speaker.
  • Focus on Grammar and Diction: 
  • A focus on grammar and diction on part of Simpli English builds a foundation for the shy kid to first learn the fundamentals of the language and become strong on writing and reading the language on paper to overcome their inhibitions of communicating in English. 
  • This makes the next step of speaking in English far easier for the kid. This is because the kid is already confident that he would not falter while attempting to speak the language, especially in public spaces where there is a chance that someone would tease him or laugh at him for erroneous use of the language. 
  • Grammar and diction is additionally also very important in terms of one’s career and only adds to the ability of the kid to also write English well
  • Fun Activities
  • Simpli English believes in teaching kids to speak English with fun activities and while interacting with them at their level. This could mean that facilitators, figuratively and literally, bend down to the kid’s level to connect with them in order to ensure effective learning. 
  • Fun activities also develop the trait of confidence in the child so that the kid is not hesitant when speaking up in a group and teaches the kid to stand out in a group of peers

In conclusion, Simpli English’s programmes of spoken english for kids are effective in bringing shy kids out of their shell and teaching them to speak English confidently.

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