How to Write a Perfect Resume for Students

How to Write a Perfect Resume for Students
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The majority of students in the US work part-time or full-time. Work helps them pay for tuition and cover their living expenses. If there is no job available on campuses, learners have to look for employment in commercial companies.

The best way to increase the chances of getting a job is to prepare a top-notch resume. It will help present your strengths and showcase your skills to employers. Scroll down and discover how to create a winning resume, being a student.

Resume Building Software

For starters, you need to pick software for creating a resume. You can use any text editor for composing your CV. If you want to create a resume fast and effortlessly, it’s recommended to use third-party CV builders. 

They bring the ability to choose a template, set it up, and fill in blocks with relevant information. Some advanced solutions even offer the ability to pick job descriptions and responsibilities from a pool of pre-written pieces. After finishing your resume, you’ll be able to download it in different formats.

Nevertheless, if you want the resume-creation process to be 100% effortless, feel free to order a CV at an online writing platform like Affordable Paper. Nonetheless, don’t be shy about checking the AffordablePapers review before placing an order. It will help you make sure that you will get a top-quality resume.

Things that Resume Should Contain

After finding the perfect resume-building software that matches all your needs, you have to compose your resume with relevant information. It’s vital to write about yourself in a corresponding order to make your resume look professional. Keep on reading the post and discover what the top student’s CV should include. 

Name and Contact Details

In the header of your resume, you need to specify your full name and contact information. You have to add your address, city, ZIP code, phone number, and email address. Feel free to specify additional contact details that can be used for reaching you. 

Also, you can add links to your social media profiles, even though it’s not obligatory. However, a LinkedIn profile with positive feedback from managers you’ve worked with will increase your chances of getting a job.

Don’t forget to add a photo at the top of your CV. It’s not obligatory but will make your resume look more professional. 


The primary sign that distinguishes the resumes of learners is the absence of the previous employment section. Most teenagers look for the first job and need to replace the working experience block with comprehensive education information. 

Write detailed information about your education, achievements, awards, and GPA. Also, you have to specify courses that you enrolled in. In case you have certifications that prove your skills, feel free to send them along with your resume. 


If you have hands-on working experience, it’s a big advantage. You need to write about it in your resume, right after the education section. However, if you’re looking for your first job, you need to specify relevant skills that will help you perform your job duties. 

Firstly, highlight the most relevant skills for a position you want to apply for. After this, write all your hard and soft skills in two different sections. 

Volunteer Experience

It’s vital to tell hiring managers about your volunteering experience. Feel free to write a brief description of projects you participated in, highlight your duties, and write about skills you gained while volunteering.

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Over Curriculum Activities

If you’re a proactive student who doesn’t limit your personal development with lectures, highlight this fact in your resume. Write about your over-curriculum activities and note how they benefit you. Feel free to present your strengths gained by over curriculum activities.

Resume Writing Tip

In case you want to increase your chances of getting hired, you have to write a cover letter and send it along with your resume. It aims to provide additional information about your skills.

If you don’t know how to write an outstanding cover letter that will engage an employer from the first sentence, ask Advanced Writers to do this for you. Using the review, you can learn more about this paper writing platform.

You can also use a cover letter to let a potential employer know why you want to get a particular position and what makes you passionate about a chosen niche.

Concluding Words

It’s recommended to be specific in your resume. Don’t be shy to add exact numbers to your achievements. Indicate the number of projects released or satisfied customers you helped every day on your previous job. 

Always double-check and proofread your resume. It should be well-polished and error-free to impress hiring managers. You can show your resume to your friends and ask them to share trustworthy feedback. It will help you improve your CV if needed.

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