How to Change Lifestyle Habits to Suit Your College Routine

How to Change Lifestyle Habits to Suit Your College Routine
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Setting up a proper routine and adapting to lifestyle changes can be difficult as a college student. Students get a sudden boost in freedom when they enter college life, making it all the more complex to stick to good habits. With the increased workload and responsibilities, students must change their lifestyle habits to build a practical routine.

However, it is not very easy to break the existing habits and adopt new ones. With some patience and perseverance, it is possible to make lifestyle changes. And according to various pieces of research, all it takes is twenty-one days to adapt to a new habit. Why not give it a try? Creating a proper and customized routine is mandatory for every individual. It should be practical enough for one to be able to stick to it for longer. 

But before we jump into the list, here are a few benefits of adopting life-changing habits.

  • Excellent physical and mental health.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Better focus and concentration.
  • Healthier habits and an active lifestyle.
  • Positive attitude and outlook in life.
  • Better college, work, and life experience.

Accordingly, in no particular order, here are 11 lifestyle habits one should adopt to suit their college routine.

Wake Up Early

Waking up early brings immense positive energy. Students often tend to rush to their classes after waking up at the last minute. They may forget essential things in a rush. This causes stress and chaos, thereby affecting the whole day. Whether the class is in the morning or the evening, it is essential to wake up at least an hour early. Having that extra time after showering and eating sets a calm tone for the rest of the day.

Schedule a Study Time

Having a scheduled study time comes in handy for every student. Instead of squeezing in the study hours whenever possible, it is logical to have a dedicated time slot. By sticking to a time, one can get things done effectively, whether it’s researching paper writer reviews or solving a math problem. Several pieces of research have also shown that fixing a time for something each day improves chances for success. It also makes room for extra time to include fun things in one’s daily routine.

Make Fitness a Priority

Exercising and staying fit improves one’s physical as well mental health. Having a fitness regimen in place is so important. To stick to this habit for a long time, a proper sleep pattern is a crucial factor. Getting enough sleep and eating nutritious food gives the energy to smash a great workout. Exercising releases endorphins which make one feel happy and accomplished.

This dentist who does oral surgery in Queen Creek also adds that you should complement exercising with regular health checkups to make sure that your health is in good condition.

Stay Hydrated

This can seem like a simple habit, but it is so effective. Why is drinking water a good lifestyle habit? Well, water helps in better thinking, focus, and concentration. It also increases the overall energy. Dehydration results in a lousy mood and decreases concentration levels. Therefore it is good practice for students to stay hydrated to perform better in their studies.

Stay Hydrated
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Ask for Help

Students get a lot of questions and doubts. But they often shy away from asking those questions. One should ask for help from professors and seniors whenever needed. The habit of questioning and seeking help improves the interaction with adults. Students can build a good rapport with teachers and senior students. It is a great habit to develop since it helps one to stay clear-headed.

Make a To-Do List

Often, students are overwhelmed with the number of tasks and assignments that need to be done. At times like this, it is super important to stay organized. Making a to-do list of all the works and tasks makes it an easy process. It gives a clear picture, and one can keep track of everything in one place. Also, the motivation kicks in as each task gets completed and checked off.

Limit Screen Time

Spending multiple hours on phones and laptops drains all one’s energy. A lot of content is consumed, which makes the brain wander all over the place. Also, the blue light emitted from phones tricks the brain. This results in sleep deprivation, and students find it challenging to concentrate in their classes. Out of sight out of mind. Taking baby steps into limiting screen time can reap significant benefits.

Get Inspired, Not Jealous

In this digital era, it is easy to get influenced by others. The comparison starts from social media concerning clothing, hair, relationships, or career. Students also get to meet a lot of people in college who they aspire to become. While it is incredibly healthy to take inspiration from them, being jealous is not appreciable. Jealousy and envy take over one’s life. 

Everyone’s life and choices are different, so one should not compare themselves with others. Being satisfied with what we have is of the utmost quality.

Get Involved in Extracurriculars

Participating in extracurricular activities can be a break from the regular mundane tasks. It can be sports, culturals, art, clubs, or anything that refreshes one’s mind. Learning and acquiring new skills make a student stand out in the crowd. It can be a valuable benefit and can even be added to a resume. This is also an excellent opportunity to make new friends apart from classmates.

Express Gratitude

One of the best qualities of an individual is being grateful. Students have to make it a practice to think of the things they are grateful for in their life. It can be as simple as a healthy breakfast, a best friend, a new dress, or a place to stay. Being thankful for what we have develops a positive attitude in the long run. To simplify this process, one can maintain a gratitude journal and make it a habit to write regularly.

Eat Clean

Falling into the trap of eating junk foods is very likely for students. Relying on packaged foods and snacks is not the best option. Having nutritious food plays a vital role in keeping your health and gut strong. It is high time students start taking care of their eating habits. One to two servings of vegetables or fruits every day is recommended. One should include sensible and healthy food options like nuts, berries, yogurt, and protein in their diet.


Adapting to a lifestyle change is not just about getting good grades. It is about being at peace with oneself and bringing out the best qualities. All these early lifestyle changes help in managing the real world a lot better. Small or big, one should find out the proper routine to regain energy and recharge themselves. It does make a significant impact on one’s life.