Rapper Silento Leaked News: Learn About His Arrest & Other Facts

Rapper Silento Leaked
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Recently on social media, we have seen the trending hashtags of Rapper Silento Leaked images. Apparently, it looks like the young rapper has some secrets to share. In fact, this is not the first time that he has seen himself in the headlines. Previously the police arrested him for murder and now there are images that suggest that he has shot his 34-year-old cousin. 

On social media sites, there are a lot of posts on Silento leaked videos or pictures. So, if you wish to know more about the incident and about silento in general then follow this article. 

Who Is Silento Rapper? Learn About The Rapper

So before we get into the Rapper Silento Leaked news, let’s explore a bit on the young rapper. So, fans know Silento as Richy Hawk as well. In fact, his hit song Watch Me ( Whip/Nae Nae) is quite popular and a lot of people have danced to it as well. 

The young rapper who is around 23 years old now uses the stage name of Silento. In fact, he rose to fame at the age of 16 after his hit MV became viral. In other words, the famous song Now watch me whip Now watch me nae nae made him popular. The video has gathered about 1.7 billion videos on YouTube.  This song became crazily popular as a lot of celebs and normal people alike hustled to the tune. There were countless videos on social media that saw people performing the moves of the song. 

In fact, the song also peaked at No 3 spot in the hot 100 and remained there for 51 weeks. If we see Silento’s Insta profile then we can see that he calls himself an artist, songwriter, actor, mentor, and ex-producer. 

Reason For His Arrest : Rapper Silento Leaked

So, recently we got the Rapper Silento Leaked images and videos, and soon after we came across the news of his arrest. In this year’s month of February police arrested the young rapper for the murder of his cousin, whose name is Frederick Rooks. 

Officials found Rooks with a lot of gunshot wounds in Panthersville, Georgia. The surveillance video captured the incident a bit and at least one gunshot. 

The Police’s Story & Charges Against Him

Well, the police have said that they have arrested Hawk on suspicion of murdering his cousin. The police force said that On January 21, the DeKalb County Police Department investigated Rook’s death. So, they found that someone shot him on Deep Shoals Circle.

However, the police haven’t found the motive as of yet. The grand jury of Georgia indicted Silento in the shooting death of his cousin. In fact, he received 4 felony charges. Moreover, he also has a lot of charges like assault, domestic violence, etc. He also broke into a house in the San Francisco valley. It’s also worth noting that the Silento leaked pictures kind of confirmed his bad behavior with his cousin.