What Is E-Learning And How It Is Benefits


E-learning is learning through some electronic medium or any online setting. Soon after the internet this activity is the process and helping many companies, students, individuals in learning different courses through distance. It exists in various forms depending upon the technology. This is most commonly used in the corporate sector as it helps learners to complete education and training with flexibility and ease as compared to traditional classroom pattern. There are many e-learning companies, working through some video recorded lectures, live video chats, presentations, quizzes, survey, product meetings and games or using some discussion groups. There are different benefits of E-learning for several businesses:

• Online training is Cost effective study process: E-learning has widened their hands as it is cost effective as compared to classroom learning. Suppose a company has some unique working process or want to give some product knowledge to their employees which going to same for a more extended period than there is no need of running an offline class, running a video have all the information would work, it will save lots of money. Online training makes things more comfortable and more straightforward, updating critical text packets and lesson plan are easier, no need to prints those extra copies. ROI is one of the best benefits of e-learning for business.

• Increase performance and productivity: people are always looking for some better options; online training helped them as it is a fast and easy process. One of the significant drawbacks of classroom learning or offline learning process is that it takes most of the valuable time which could invest in some better places. In such training programs employee could get involved in learning any site anytime there is no such restriction, and it could not affect any working pattern. It also reduces the effort of writing notes or key pointer, whenever they could reread it. Thus helps to increase the performance of the employee and productivity of the company.

• Online training is flexible and convenient: the internet has no boundaries and the same with E-learning. The employee could participate in the class from anywhere using the internet, and this would not break the flow and the learning. Thus employee feels free and flexible. Get together a whole team is a more difficult task and not efficient at all. E-learning allows both employee and management some flexibility that they could work accordingly without disturbing each other time table.

• Timely feedback: one of the essential things of any training program is feedback that consumes most of the time of any examiner, but E-learning also reduces this effort. As there are many auto calculators available that manage the results and management could upload the feedback online. If they wish they could join some quizzes along with the learning chapters, it will help to reduce the effort of manual feedback.

Many industries are now E-learning companies India now, they are managing all the pieces of training using this process and save time, money and keep their employee happy and satisfied.