How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers

How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers

You may have read various novels in your college days about bank robberies and theft at homes. In fact, the entire story will give the best thrill from the start to the end. Nowadays, you rarely find novels on the same subject. Oh, have the criminal minds changed their habits and became Angels? A joke, you can laugh at. The same criminal minds who existed in the earlier centuries have not gone reformed. But they have become skilled in other ways and techniques.

And this time, they have chosen to steal money online. From mobiles. Are you surprised? Please don’t. Yes, you may have heard many real stories about phishing. That is, money getting siphoned from your bank accounts. These situations existed about ten years ago. Now, the same hackers have turned their attention on stealing via the mobile phone. The reason, many (even you) chose to make transactions via the mobile. In this article, let us discuss how to secure android phone from hackers.

#Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Mobile has almost become the third arm for many of us, humans. Do you know about the term “nomophobia?” It is the fear of being away from your mobile. The other synonyms are – fear of unable to use the device for many reasons. And the term “nomophobia” is true in every sense of the word. The reason, just take one minute. Visualize the tasks you complete with your phone. This device is packed with your family photos, calendar appointments, and financial information. So, it becomes your prime responsibility to know how to secure android phone from hackers.

A survey states that four of five Indians have an android phone. The Apzomedia team have conversed with various mobile security experts. Based on the information, they have given the best tips in this article on how to secure android phone from hackers.

#.Strong PassCode

Strong PassCode

Many recent models have this option. They have either a passcode lock or a fingerprint scan to keep the Android phone safe from hackers. This feature will help if you lose the phone.

When it comes to the pattern, you need to choose a design difficult to guess. Please do not have the passcode linked to your birth month, home number and more. The best way to unlock your phone is by making use of the fingerprint scanner. Even if you have enabled facial recognition feature, anyone can unlock the phone by your facial image. There are devices such as Huawei P20 Pro models offering better security measures. Neither a thief or hacker cannot open the device with a photo.

#.Lock The Apps

Lock The Apps

Can you define a mobile within ten words? We bet, you cannot. The reason, mobile is just a device, but in your daily life, imagine its value. You can describe your android phone as a  device that connects you to the world. It also helps you stay updated on the recent events, acts as a device for data storage, helps in navigation in a new area. Your android phone acts as the best device for storing images. And you send and receive cash via your mobile. The main reason, it has become a hot target for hackers.

How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers

Practicing mobile security measures is the best way to stop hackers. There are various methods to stop the hacking methods used by hackers. Let us know about them in the next round of paragraphs.

In mobile security, you need to use technology, policies and even the best practices. Or else, your confidential information, login credentials of social media platforms and banks may suffer leakage. You may end up losing vast amounts of hard earned money.

What Do The Hackers Do After Stealing Your Confidential Information From Phone?

  • There is a common belief, that once hackers steal the confidential information, the victim may lose cash from his/her bank account. Partly true. But there are other criminal activities such as using the mobile processing chips to mine cryptocurrency.
  • Your social media info, if compromised, can be sold for a low sum to engage in criminal activities.
  • Then there is the SMS phishing category, where you receive a message from a hacker. The message will seem as if it is from a reputed bank. They will want you to click on malicious URL to download the spyware. Once downloaded, the spyware can either take control of your mobile to send vital information.

You Need To Take Care Of These Accounts

There are various ways used by hackers to make you download spyware on your mobile. Let us look into the most important mobile threats.

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#.Web-Based Threats

Web-Based Threats

Have you ever wandered on an unwanted website? If you do, kindly ensure that no spyware has got downloaded. By using the sophisticated phishing methods, hackers make us click on links to websites that contain spyware or can download malware to your mobile.

#.SMS phishing

SMS phishing

You can get an SMS in your mobile stating to change information on your personal details. When you check the e-sender information, it contains the name of your bank. Only when you checked with patience,  did you notice the change in spelling of the bank’s name? In other words, it is a phishing SMS. The content is designed to divert you to a website which contains malware. If you had clicked the link and logged in your bank credentials, the money would have vanished.

#Email Phishing

Email Phishing

Let us assume a situation. Hackers can also make you go to websites via their email. In recent times, many individuals (even you) always keep their official email active. Imagine you are working as the accounts executive of a company which offers mobile phone repair in Mumbai. You have received a new email on your official inbox account. The content specifies a bank name through which you make payments to your company customers.

Only when you check the email properly, you notice that there is a change in the name of the bank. And the email began with Sir/Madam. A reputed bank will send only a personalized email where your name, the address will be present in perfect order. This is a phishing email no doubt. With your alertness, you have averted a major disaster.


The best prevention you can do is to have security software on your mobile. You need to be alert at all times. You can receive similar emails, identifying themselves as from the Government Department and law enforcement agencies. Before you take the call, check and then do the needful.



It is a digital world. And every company, big or small has an app. A hacker can create a fake company, inform about attractive discounts and then design an app that contains malware. He/she will then upload the app on third party websites. You get attracted to the discounts displayed on the website and want to download the app. Now, Playstore and others have security features and programs. So, the hacker cannot post his/her malware laid app on them. They will enlist the support of only third-party app stores.

The best way to prevent the above method by hackers to gain information is to stop downloading apps from third-party sites. You also need to keep the mobile security software updated. If the patches remain, the malware can exploit the vulnerabilities and plant the spyware inside the mobile.

Ensure you take time to grant permissions when an app requests to navigate through your mobile. The use should justify permission.

#Network Threats

Network Threats

You can find at least three networks on your mobile connected to the internet. One is the Wi-Fi and the second is Bluetooth. Let us explain the threat with an example. You are working as the Sales Manager of a company providing mobile phone repair in Pune. Since the job demands you to go long distances to meet customers, you sometimes use Free WiFi in some places. The reason, your mobile does not get internet connection in these places. But please be careful, that in these situations, even a hacker can spoof a reputed WiFi network. The second, you allow this WiFi to your mobile, the hacker can control your mobile. In such situations, it is mandatory to ensure that proper security settings are in place to prevent unauthorized access.

#Physical Threats

Physical Threats

A mobile phone is a sleek and thin device. It can easily get stolen in a public place. Usually, many mobile phones get lost in crowded places. To reduce physical threats to these mobile devices, you need to establish strong passwords and install anti-theft tracking software. In case of theft, the software will help the law enforcement agencies track down your mobile.


Hope we have given the best tips on how to secure android phone from hackers. Have we left out some valuable tips? Please feel free to drop an email or put a comment in the Reviews section.