How Do Load Boards Work?

Load Board

A load board is an online marketplace which allows truckers, freight brokers to connect with shippers who need to get their loads delivered. It is an online 2.0 version of the previous board which was used to look for freight broker or logistic manager’s office, mentioning the kind of load you need to ship, the delivery location, the scheduled date and time when the freight was supposed to move along with the vehicle and equipment which needed to ship the shipment.    

An online load board allows the brokers and shippers to connect and discuss the kind of cargo which they need to transport from Point A to Point B. Truckers, fleet owner, freight brokers and shippers can sign up on the load board for different needs and then negotiate for the price. Once both the sides reach an agreement, accept the terms, the freight can be transported.

How can you use a trucking load board?

First, you need to choose which trucking load board you want to sign up on. Some online load boards like Shiply are accessible for free, while others charge a monthly fee or a signup fee. Make sure you select a renowned load board which has a number of brokers and shippers posting load for you. The higher the number of loads posted on the platform, the better opportunities you have to find the best paying loads to haul for you.

How to sign up for the load board?

In order to sign up on a load board, you need to mention your basic details on the platform, for instance, your phone number, mail address, residential and business address along with your first and last name. If the load board is a paid one, then you need to pay the subscription fee to start with it. If it is free, then as soon you fill in the information, you will be signed up and you can start your work.

Post your truck to the load board

If you are an owner/operator, you need to post details of your vehicle, location, equipment, space available etc. The details will help the shipper and freight broker to find you easily on the load board. This speeds the process of finding for shippers and brokers. Once you have mentioned your details, you can browse delivery work for you. 

Look for a reliable load board

If you are a trucker or shipper, then you need to look up for a reliable load board. Once you find the best load board for you, as a trucker you can browse delivery work and will never be short of loads to haul, and as a shipper you will always find the best transportation services for your products. Carriers can bid on several loads at one time and shippers can place innumerable number of loads at a time.

Shiply is a reliable and reputed online load board which gives shippers and carriers a common platform to interact and crack a deal as per their convenience. Sign up now for free and avail its services.

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