Ani Chart: All You Need To Know About This Anime Website

Ani Chart
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If you are an anime fan then Ani Chart is bound to be one of your favourite places on the internet. Let me inform you that it is an anime streaming service. Here, you will get all the updates and news about the anime world. You will be able to know all about the currently aired episodes and series of anime. 

Moreover, this site also enables users to monitor, share and search the forthcoming anime episodes of a particular season. In addition to all these the website also provides descriptions and generic descriptions of various episodes. What is more interesting about this website is its archive section. Here all the seasonal shows are stored for the users to access. Moreover, you can also arrange your playlist here in alphabetical order. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this anime streaming platform, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything about this exciting website. 

Salient Features 

Salient Features 
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The website that we are discussing in this article is a popular one. Therefore, it must have some interesting features that have attracted a large user base to it. Some of these features are as follows:

  • The anime videos on this website have subtitles. In fact, you can also control these subtitles.
  • This website has a large library of anime content that you can access for free.
  • The developers update the database of this website on a regular basis.
  • There is also an android app for smartphone users. 

Safety And Legal Issues

Safety And Legal Issues 

Whenever we read about a free website, we get worried about its safety and legal status. However, let me inform you that this website is free from viruses or malware. That is why it enjoys a good reputation on the internet. 

However, the legal nature of this website is a bit complex to understand. This is due to the fact that in general, accessing this site is treated as illegal in some nations. While in some nations, the website is legal. Therefore, it is better to use a proper VPN service while accessing this website. This ensures that you surf this website in a bit safe manner. However, a VPN does not guarantee full security. Therefore, be very cautious while visiting this website. 


Since this is a great website, one might question the necessity of knowing about its alternatives. Therefore, let me tell you that at times, depending on your location, the links on this website might not function properly. Therefore, it is better to know some alternative options. Some worthy alternatives are as follows:

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This website is a very popular destination providing free anime content with accurate subtitles and that too, in English. The buffering time is also low, making it a worthy alternative on this list. 


This is purely a legal website. This means that this site will let you watch only legal anime.  In fact, it has a direct connection with the anime industry, much unlike other platforms. Therefore, here your safety is of prime importance.


What is KissAnime
KissAnime is not working? Here are Top 10 Best KissAnime Alternative Websites to Watch Free Online Cartoon Series, Animated Movies, Anime Videos and Clips in 2020.

If you are looking for a very popular anime website then KissAnime seems a great choice. It has a very well-optimised mobile version. Therefore, it will work great on both desktops and mobile devices, making it an easily accessible option on the internet. 



The interface is great and user-friendly. However, it does not have as much anime as the others on the list. Yet the quality of the videos is great and also provides subtitles for every anime. 


This is a perfect website for watching anime content. Moreover, it is entirely free. There are so many kinds of anime like drama, romance, horror, historical, Shoujo Ai, and so many others. Moreover, the interface is also easy and user-friendly. 

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