Who is Scarface? Brad Terrence Jordan Wiki/Bio, Early Life, Career and More


Are you ready to know more about Scarface? Alright then, let us jump right onto the bandwagon. Scarface is an American rapper and record producer. But here is the thing:- his real name is Brad Terrence Jordan. Scarface is what we might call a stage name for the very famous rapper. What’s more, he is also the member of a rap group known as Geto Boys. Of course, we all know that rap groups are one of the best ways to earn some fame before the big records start coming up. Let us jump right into the article. 


Scarface Biography

Real Name Brad Terrence Jordan
Nickname Scarface
Net Worth $100 thousand (As of 2023)
Date of Birth 9 November 1970
Age 52 years (As of 2023) 
Birthplace American
Current Residence American
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Marital Status NA
Girlfriend/Wife N/A
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign NA

Now as we know, most rappers in history have had a troubled childhood and life. Scarface is no different to this peculiar characteristic as well. From various sources we have pulled up a disturbing tidbit. Once upon a time, Scarface used to study at Woodson Middle School. And was a pretty bright student there. But then he dropped out and started working as a drug dealer. Can you imagine it yet? But we guess he has since discovered that crime is not an easy way to make money. Scarface converted to Islam in 2006 and we hope it has helped him. 



Now Scarface began his career as a deejay. Did you know his name was once DJ Akshen? He started producing music for the Houston label Shortstop. Now this paved the road to initial successes. Then perhaps he changed his name as a reference to the movie of the same name starring Al Pacino. But we know he started running around with the Geto Boys immediately after this. At first MTV refused to play their songs because of the violent lyrics. But guess what? Patience eventually makes you a champion and this is what happened in this case as well. 

We all have heard of solo artists who suddenly overshadow the group which gave them a platform. Scarface also went through a similar phase in 1991. His songs were becoming very popular among the youth of America. According to some people, the group would not like it. But let me tell you all one thing. The group did not hate him for this popularity. Scarface remained with them throughout their lifespan and revamp. One of his most famous albums till date is the one named The Last of The Dying Breed. You will definitely love his songs. 

Public Service

Public Service

Apart from his rapping career, Scarface believes in serving the public in a political capacity. For this purpose he decided to run for the post of Councilperson for District D of the Houston City Council. It was really nice to find a musician taking the time to participate in an electoral campaign. We also know that he expressed his desire for a desire to change the public from the ground up. It is a very wonderful thing. We wish more such people take up the reins to improve their home. After all, the youth shall be the saviors of the nation. 

Personal Life

Now this may be a rather outlandish claim, but Scarface says he is a cousin to the singer Johnny Nash. Quite the far-fetched claim, isn’t it? But we don’t think so. The claim appears to have little to no credibility. We don’t have Nash’s account as of now. Let us see if the singer appears with some contradiction to the claim. But for now, the claim stands. In 2019, Scarface mentioned that he had fallen under the knife of COVID. We are pretty glad he survived and is now quite healthy. We hope this remains the case. 

Personal Life

Net Worth

As of 2023, Scarface’s net worth is $100 thousand. And we know he is a pretty famous rapper. This means most of his money comes from his record deals and singing career. But he also has a lot of money from other deals like brand endorsements and other stuff. Scarface is definitely about to earn a lot more money in the near future. And make no mistake about it. His career is on the upswing now. We hope he keeps making such powerful songs. 

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