Jaden Newman: Age, Parents, Friends, Net Worth & Many More

Jaden Newman
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Jaden Newman, an American basketball star, was born on the 13th of June, 2004. She began playing basketball at the age of five and went on to become a viral sensation thanks to one of her videos. Let’s celebrate the upcoming basketball star’s birthday! Moreover,  jade newman age is 18 years old.

Jaden Newman’s Parents

Jaden Newman, a basketball player, was born on June 13, 2004, in Orlando, Florida to parents Vivian Newman and Jamie Newman. However,  Julian Newman is her younger brother. Her family is very into sports. Her mother, Vivian, was a college basketball player, and her father, Jamie, is a well-known basketball coach.

Jaden Newman's Parents
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Jaden Newman’s friend

Jaden has arrived at a crossroads in her life and career where she is solely focused on becoming a household name. In an interview, she stated that she believes she is too young to be in a serious relationship because she is only 17 years old. Jaden is currently single and not dating anyone, according to reports. Her family comes first, but she also prioritises her professional success.

Newman, Jaden Information about one’s height, weight, and proportions

She stands 1.63 metres tall (5 feet 3 inches) and weighs 58 kilogrammes. Her weight is 58 kilogrammes (or 128 pounds and she is 38 inches tall, and 29 inches wide and has a bust measurement of 38 inches.  Moreover, Newman is said to be a size 9 shoe. Although,  her body represents several different racial groups.

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Newman knows the game well because he comes from a long line of basketball players and coaches. Jamie Newman, her father, was the basketball coach at Downey Christian School in Orlando, Florida. When they were shorthanded. However, her father suggested her as a replacement point guard.

Given her lifelong love of the game, it’s no surprise that her coach’s father began preparing his children for basketball as early as third grade. Jaden has aspired to be the NBA’s first female player for as long as she can remember. She will succeed one day because she is constantly striving to improve.

Newman was born into a basketball-playing and coaching family. Jamie Newman, her father, was the basketball coach at Downey Christian School in Orlando, Florida. 

She had always been interested in basketball since she was a child, so her coach’s father began getting her and her brother ready for the game in third grade. Jaden has always aspired to become the league’s first female player. She will eventually succeed if she continues to practise and improve.



  • How tall is Jaden Newman?

Jaden Newman is 5’3″ ft tall.

  • What is the age of Jaden Newman?

He is 18 years old.

  • When is Jaden Newman’s birthday?

Her birthday is celebrated on June 13, 2004

  • Who is Jaden Newman dating?

Jaden Newman is not dating anyone currently.

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