The Sandra Bullock Naked Scene From The Proposal: What Sandra Said?

Sandra Bullock
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The Sandra Bullock naked scene from The Proposal became a hot topic of interest among the global audience. If you do not know Sandra, then let me briefly introduce her to you. She is an American-German producer and actress. In fact, she has earned many accolades for her performance as an actor. Her trophy cabinet includes a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award, among many other honours. 

The Proposal is a romantic comedy that appeared in the year 2009. In it, Sandra portrayed the character of Margaret Tate, a pushy editor-in-chief at a major New York City book publisher. In that film, we witnessed her hot avatar, as a naked Sandra slips and falls on Ryan Reynolds. This post-shower scene showing Sandra Bullock naked has occasioned great interest from her fans around the globe. Recently, she spoke about that viral scene from the movie, in the About Last Night podcast. 

Therefore, if you wish to know about Sandra’s thoughts on that scene, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything that the famed actor had to say. 

About The Proposal

The Proposal, directed by Anne Fletcher is an American romantic comedy that appeared for the first time in 2009. The story of the film circles around a Canadian executive, who is posed with the danger of being deported from the U.S. The reason is that her visa renewal application has been declined. She is the editor-in-chief of a publishing house and therefore, she is desperate to save her job. Therefore, to achieve this end, she convinces her assistant to act as her fiance temporarily. 

When the film was released, the chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds received high praise from critics and audiences around from around the globe. In addition, it was also a box office hit, as it went on to gather over $317 million worldwide from the global box office. In addition, the film also went on to win numerous accolades. However, the scene that became viral from the movie is the one where it showed Sandra Bullock’s naked ass.

About The Proposal

What Bullock Said About The Naked Scene 

Speaking her heart out on the About Last Night podcast, Bullock stated that she agreed to do that scene with such a co-star who would make her feel safe. In addition, speaking about her decision to film that scene, she clearly admitted that she did it for laughs only. Let me inform you that Reynolds and Sandra knew each other from their childhood and thus, no one could have made her feel safer than Reynolds. 

Speaking to Adam Ray, the host of the podcast, the gorgeous actress went on to add that she never tried to be “sexy naked”. Moreover, the presence of Reynolds made her feel that she has the perfect safety she needed to do the scene. In addition, the actress added that both of them had skin-coloured coverings over their private parts and her hair was placed strategically to cover her nipples. In fact, as the director called for a cut, both the actors tried to keep looking away from each other.

However, at one point during the filming of the scene, Ryan’s “ball sack” popped out and Sandra speaks of the strange situation in the podcast. However, that did not matter much as the actors shared a great friendship and thus, the director was able to bring back the focus of the scene. Bullock also praised Ryan for being so cool during the entire scene. Therefore, though Sandra Bullock’s naked picture with Ryan became a viral one, there is nothing creepy about it. 



1. In which film can we see Sandra Bullock naked?

In The Proposal, we can see Sandra Bullock naked.

2. With whom did Sandra shoot the naked scene?

Sandra shot the scene with Ryan Reynolds. 

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