Troubleshooting Washing Machine Repairs

Troubleshooting Washing Machine Repairs

Just imagine the days when you were a child. The womenfolk in your home spent hours washing clothes every day or on the weekends. But with advancement in technology, new electronic appliances such as the washing machine became popular. This appliance not only saved time but also did the work in a more efficient way. But if it goes on repair, then your family’s daily plan can go for a toss. In this article let us focus on troubleshooting washing machine repairs.

Oh No! Has your washing machine gone to repair mode? Then you have landed on the right page. You can fix the common problems after reading this article, in other words, troubleshooting washing machine repairs. For the complex ones, we give the best advice to find a washing machine repair pro with ease.

So How Do You Define A Washing Machine?

The simple definition is that of a tub filled with water which can drain, spin to make dirty clothes clean. A washing machine performs four cycles such as filling, washing, draining and spinning. Yes, you can easily make out these activities. But when the repair happens you are caught in a soup.

Troubleshooting Washing Machine Repairs

1. Washing Machine Fails To Start

Do you face this problem? The appliance does not get activated nor make noise when the switch is turned on.

The first simple solution, check if the load is huge. Open the door, take out some of the clothes and start again. Sometimes, the washing machine can get back to its working condition. The problem has not got resolved? Then go through the following steps –

Are you sure that the plugs are properly fixed in the electrical outlets? You can check it by extending the cord with another outlet. If the washing machine works, then it is time that the old outlet may have to get service from an electrician.

The third option is to check the power cords. You have to unplug the washing machine. Now check if the cord has become damaged or worn out. Then it is time for a replacement. This is a simple method for troubleshooting washing machine repairs.

When you open the door of the washing machine, the spinning activity stops. The reason – lid switch. There are chances that the switch may have become damaged. So, it is necessary to remove the switch.  

Have you done all the above steps? Is the appliance still not working? Then it is time to call the washing machine repair technician.

2. Rinsing Problem – Troubleshooting washing machine repairs

Do you still get dirty clothes? Even after the wash in the washing machine? Then there are several reasons.

Simple solution

Kindly check If you are using the machine in proper fashion. You have to ensure the right amount of detergent (as specified by the manufacturer). Also, check if you have overloaded the machine. The manufacturer’s manual is the best to check in this situation.

If you have followed the instructions as per the manual, then the water with detergent is not going to the drum. Or there are chances that the drum does not have a proper drainage system.

Check the drain hose. In case the hose has suffered a block, then the dirty water can back up. So, it remains in the drum and the clothes get soiled once again. Has the appliance completed one load? Then check if the appliance gets emptied of the water after every wash cycle.

You should also check if the cold water supply hose has not suffered a block. If it has, then check if you can clean the house. Or else, opt for replacement.

If none of the measures works, then it is time to call the washing machine repair expert.

conclusions, there are other problems associated with the washing machine. But we have touched only two common problems. Are you in a similar situation of troubleshooting washing machine repairs, and you stay in Bangalore? Then fix the problem in quick time. You can download the app of home care companies in your city who provide doorstep handyman professionals for house repairs. Install the app in your mobile and go through all the profiles of professionals skilled in washing machine repair in Bangalore. You can schedule the repair time as per your convenience. So, the problem should get fixed in quick time.