Pastel Nails: Some Great Colours And Ideas For You

Pastel Nails
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If you ask any fashion enthusiast about the most recent trends in nail colours, the ready answer will be Pastel nails. Pastel colours for nails have become a hot favourite among fashion enthusiasts around the globe. In fact, when you have so many cute and elegant colours and designs to choose from, you cannot help but explore this exciting fashion trend. That is why netizens are searching the internet for the best choices of pastel colours to decorate their nails in the best possible manner. 

There are so many gorgeous shades of pastel nail colours. One such is pale pink, which has become a classic choice. Apart from this, there are shades like offbeat green, sky blues, and creamy lilacs. Moreover, if you pair these pastel colours with French tips, checkers, elongated acrylics and other trendy nail art, it will be a killer. In fact, these pastel colours have a wide gallery to satisfy every individual fashion enthusiast. Therefore, if you wish to know more about some of the best options in pastel, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more. 

The List 

Here are some options that will enable you to craft cute pastel nails effectively:

The List 
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1. Metallic Swirls 

Metallic ombre is a favourite among fashion lovers for a long time. To recreate this look, all you need to do is to take a wedge makeup sponge and dab a few colours. After that, press the sponge against your nails to complete the look. In fact, this will make your nails appear cooler than ever.

2. Sage Green

The muted green shade is one of the coolest shades in the pastel market. This olive-like colour is a perfect choice for crafting summer pastel nails. The bright and elegant look will be enough to draw admiration from fashion lovers. 

3. Creamy Lilac

This is a purple shade that is way cooler than any regular purple shade. This bright pastel colour is perfectly crafted for darker skin tones. To get the best results, first, apply white polish to your nails and then apply the lilac pastel colour. 

Sage Green
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4. Lavender Smiles

This is a great acrylic pastel colour which employs a mixture of lavender and chocolate brown colours. It employs drawing smiley faces on the base colour of your nails. If you are looking for a cute nail colour, then this should be at the top of your list. 

5. Pastel Checkers 

Here is yet another nail design that will draw admiration from one and all. Using springy pastels, you can create this look more effectively. You can use any colour to craft this look. However, sober and warm colours work better.

6. Half Daisies

This pastel colour idea for nails asks you to paint only one-half of your nails while keeping the other half untouched. The best and most effective way to achieve this effect is to use nail tapes to divide your nails perfectly. 

Pastel Checkers
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7. Minty French 

To achieve this nail colour design, you have to consider keeping the base colour nude or sheer. Then apply mint green pastel colour on the tips of your nails to complete the look in an effective manner.

8. Pink Ombre 

Pink is always a favourite when it comes to nail colours. This particular nail design asks you to apply various shades of pink on the different fingers of your hand. To do this, you can use white polish to create varied shades of pink. However, do not forget to keep one nail painted in hot pink. The contrast that it will generate will be really interesting and attractive.


1. Are Pastel nails a new trend?

Pastel nails are no newcomers in the fashion market. It is only that it has a boost at this time. 

2. Can we craft pastel nails at home?

Yes. You can easily craft pastel nails at home.

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