What Is Mandela Catalogue All About? Find Out The Details Here

Mandela Catalogue
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The time of Halloween is also the time when we search for some horror stuff to watch. In fact, we have already a bunch of movies and TV shows that satiate our thirst for horror entertainment. However, there’s one series that has caught the attention of the fans and it seems to have gone viral as well. The name of that series is Mandela Catalogue

For those of you, who don’t know about this series, let us tell you that the Mandela Catalogue is an analog series that Alex Kister has created in 2021. In fact, we should also mention that it’s a series of short videos. 

If you want to know more about this series, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the riveting stuff about this Mandela series. So, now’s the time to go through this article and find out everything that you need to know about this horror series.

An Overview Of Mandela Catalogue & Why It’s So Scary

Mandela Catalogue & Why It’s So Scary

There are a lot of ways, to sum up, a horror story, but when it comes to Mandela Catalogue, it’s quite bizarre, to be honest. Well, people call this series of videos one of the scariest projects. So, as per the sources, Alex Kister was the one who made this horror series in the year 2021, and, as we said, it’s a series of short videos. 

According to the sources, the story is set in the alternate universe of Mandela County. That’s the reason why people also call this series Alternate Mandela Catalogue. So, in this county, the residents are plagued by some hostile and supernatural organisms known as ‘Alternatives’. 

These alternatives are shape-shifting demons that can transform into anything they see and like. Moreover, they also have the drive to kill and take the form of humans. It’s quite a scary series and that’s why it has become so famous in the first place. 

Things To Know About The Creator Of The Mandela Catalogue

The Mandela Catalogue

Well, if you want to know more about Mandela Catalogue alternate, then you should know about the creator as well. According to the sources, the name of the creator of this horror series is Alex Kister. He is an 18-year-old student from Hubertus, Wisconsin. 

The sources tell us that he began creating during the summer of 2021 a series of short videos. Well, his channel also has 3 million views now. So, it seems that Covid was the main inspiration behind his creation. According to him, “Quarantine and isolation affected me a ton…I wanted to focus on losing that sense of security.”

The plot of Mandela Catalogue, as we said earlier, focuses on Mandela county, which is under a supernatural threat. So, it’s up to the viewers to weave the plot together from the multiple short video clips. 

Kister also discussed the themes of the Mandela series. Mandela Catalogue intruder theme is perhaps the most prominent one that we can see. Kister emphasized the themes of fear of intruders, fear of darkness, and most importantly, the fear of your own self, and the universal childhood phobias. 

As he says, “When I was young, I felt like the thing that would scare me the most was not a typical, bogeyman-style monster…but just coming home, coming to your room, and seeing yourself there instead.”


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  • What Is The Mandela Catalogue?

It’s a series of short video clips portraying the horror story of Mandela county. 

  • What Is Mandela Catalogue?

Set in a functional Mandela county, the story focuses on alternatives or supernatural monsters who can shape-shift. 

  • What Is The Mandela Catalogue About?

It’s about Mandela county and the monsters aka Alternatives.

  • What Is The Mandela Catalogue Based On?

It’s based on the fear of our own self, fear of the darkness, and also, the fear of an intruder. 

  • What Is A Mandela Catalogue?

It’s a horror series. 

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