Ryan Gosling and ‘Barbie’ Fans React to a Bitterly Ironic Oscar Snub

Ryan Gosling

It seems that Ryan Gosling is in no mood to joke around. If you have been following the latest updates on Oscar, then you might know that things did not go well for ‘Barbie”. Well, the movie stole the hearts of millions by bringing to life the dream girl. They brought the iconic Barbie to life in this super exciting live-action version, and guess what? It’s not just a hit; it’s a total rockstar, both with the critics and at the box office. 

But even after all this, you might be stunned to learn that the film fell short of earning a podium finish. What is more interesting is that Ryan and the ‘Barbie’ fans are not buying this decision easily.

Ryan Gosling – The Oscar Snubs!

So, when the authorities dropped the 2024 Oscar nominations, all eyes were on the big snubs, and guess who took the spotlight? Greta Gerwig, the director, and Margot Robbie, the leading lady of “Barbie.”

The Oscar Snubs!

Now, here’s the kicker: “Barbie” was the megahit of 2023, raking in over a billion bucks worldwide. This flick, diving into the imagined world of the iconic Mattel doll, was a cultural sensation. And get this, it teamed up with “Oppenheimer” for a summer blockbuster double whammy that got folks talking. Oscars, are you sure you’re watching the same movies we are? Seriously, there’s just no way the super thrilling live-action Barbie flick, is getting snubbed in the big categories at the upcoming Academy Awards. 

Ryan Reacts

So, here’s the scoop: the Oscars giving Barbie the cold shoulder? It’s causing quite the ruckus and some major letdown vibes in the industry. And who’s not keeping mum about it? None other than Gosling, our Ken, who snagged a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He finally spoke up after the official list dropped, and things are getting spicy, folks!

Ryan Gosling didn’t mince words on how he feels about Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie getting snubbed. On a long note, the Notebook actor spilt the beans, expressing that he’s over the moon to be nominated alongside such incredible talents in a year packed with awesome films. But, let’s be real, there’s a hint of disappointment there too.

He made it crystal clear that Ken wouldn’t even be a thing without Barbie, and a Barbie movie without Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie? Uh-uh, not happening. Those two are the real MVPs behind this globally celebrated film, as per him. He stressed that without their talent, grit, and genius, nobody in the film would be getting the recognition they truly deserve. And when he says he’s disappointed about Greta and Margot not getting nominated? Well, that’s an understatement of the century. 

The Enraged Fans

Well, would you look at that? The internet’s got some serious thoughts about the big announcement. So, Charlotte Clymer threw her thoughts into the ring with a viral post, sharing her take on the Academy’s nominations. So, she breaks it down like this:

“Let me see if I understand this: the Academy nominated ‘Barbie’ for Best Picture (eight nominations total) — a film about women being sidelined and rendered invisible in patriarchal structures — but not the woman who directed the film. Okay then.”

Let me tell you that such reactions are now common over the internet as the fans stand in solidarity with Ryan Gosling ‘Barbie’.

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