Several Great Reasons To Use Workplace Injury Prevention Programs

Workplace Injury Prevention

You are a caring boss of your own business with around 20 employees. They are spread around the office and warehouse of your logistics firm, while you also have a fleet of 4 drivers. Everyone seems happy enough and trade is OK.

However, you have noticed absentee figures have gradually grown. It appears that quite a few of the cases are what you consider to be preventable through accidents, with one occurring on 3 occasions with spinal problems. It is time to consider giving workplace injury prevention services a call.

Spinal injuries can be very serious and include such conditions as herniated discs, spinal cord compression, deformities, fractures, scoliosis, lumbar spinal stenosis, and even spinal tumours. The one thing they all have in common is that they are extremely painful.

While many injuries to the back can be caused away from the workplace, with motor vehicle accidents, falls, violence, and sports injuries right up there, there are also those caused when doing your job. This may be from poor lifting techniques or poor posture when sitting at the desk. 

That is why there are several great reasons to introduce workplace injury prevention programs.

  • First up, spinal repetitive strain and stress means employees missing from work which cost the company money if it cannot work in full production or offer the services that they advertised. It can end in customer breakdown which will have far reaching effects. You want everyone in attendance and to have fun at appropriate times while they are there.
  • Educating your employees is the sign of a caring manager, so introducing courses, workshops and refreshers should be seen be employees that they work for a good company who cares about their welfare. The courses will empower those who take them to look after their bodies and prevent injury.
  • Listening to advice on the course will train employees how to look out for each other and see signs of potential danger, both physical and mental. It might be that they spot that stacking in the warehouse could cause accidents or that a vehicle is showing signs that might lead to issues. It will create bonding and caring for each other, with excellent attitudes, creating a winning team mentality and an enjoyable environment.
  • Expert professionals leading the courses can tailor them to individual and business needs so each is interesting and relevant. It might be techniques, incorrect postures when sitting that need teaching or training in how to lift items correctly. All bases will be covered. You may even receive advice to head to a local pool to feel fitter.
  • Employees on workplace injury prevention programs will improve any stress and overcome worries as to how they may have suffered from spinal injuries and learn how to overcome it.

Workplace injury prevention programs are a fantastic way to educate and bring together a workforce to prevent injuries and avert danger while improving teamwork. While they benefit, so will your business, with reduced absenteeism, saved money, and a great atmosphere to work in each day.

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