Top 10 Countries That You Must Visit

Top 10 Countries That You Must Visit

Popular countries are popular for a reason, and that reason is they have plenty of sights, hoards of culture, and a massive number of activities. Whether you are a global travel bug on your way to checking off the best countries to visit or just an average traveler wanting to visit someplace scenic and memorable, you cannot go wrong by visiting any of the following countries for your upcoming vacation, bachelor’s party, or week-long getaway.


Whether you enjoy the thrill of seeing crocodiles that can grow to 20 feet in length or soaring through the skies on one of the popular Brisbane helicopter flights, you will enjoy everything Australia has to offer. In terms of scenic destination it offers some of the best and most ancient views that are unlike the typical sights found elsewhere. Some of the best sights include the following.

Sunshine Coast


– Byron Bay


If you are a history buff and want to see the many places that have become a part of history, Germany offers many destinations you will want to not miss.

– Brandenburg Gate

– The Black Forest

– Neuschwanstein Castle

– The Rhine


If you want to fall in love or experience the city of love, you will need to visit Paris. If you want to enjoy a romantic week with your loved one, you will want to visit Paris. If you want to have the best vacation you can imagine in France, you will want to visit Paris.


History is sometimes said to be synonymous with Greece. You can see ancient ruins, or you can bask in the eternal sunlight along ocean waters that are the same color as the sky. You can partake in some of the richest flavors of the region while capturing a shot of the Acropolis of Athens. Whether you enjoy history or relaxation, it is to be found in Greece.


The Matterhorn is the first and best attraction in Sweden. It is sheer and stark. As one of the top mountain tops in the entire region, you will thank yourself if you bring a camera. If you do not have a camera, it does not matter much because you will never forget this sight.

Other destinations that involve a hint of fairy tale include the following.

– Lucerne

– Lake Geneva

– St. Moritz


The best thing to do in Norway is to enjoy a slow drive along Atlanterhavsveien. This road leads to a distant island and offers some of the best oceanic views available.

New Zealand

If you want to enjoy some movie history, New Zealand offers you the ability to tour what is known as Middle Earth. Middle Earth is the fictional world of the Lord of the Rings, which was filmed throughout New Zealand. Although you will not see any hobbits, you can tour the hobbit holes used in the movie.


A boat ride along Jordaan and Amsterdam’s Canals will leave you rested and feeling more than a little romantic while a visit to Keukenhof will leave you wondering why you cannot grow flowers quite like the ones in this garden. For a more somber experience, you can visit Anne Frank’s house.


Vasa Museum offers you the amazing opportunity to get a glance of the Vasa, which is an enormous wooden warship that sprawls much of the museum. In all, there are 10 individual attractions within this museum, and seeing them all will take the entire day. Other places you must visit include the following.

– Gamla Stan: a small town that dates back to the 13th century

– Drottningholm: a manicured and sprawling estate built in the 17th century

– Liseberg Theme Park: one of the best parks in the country


To say Japan is ancient is an understatement. However, what you will discover is that Japan is also technological and modern. It is at once spiritual, bringing to bear on any visitor a mindset of single mindedness that exists nowhere else. The local foods are exotic, and the contrasts between city development and nature are extreme. The best places to visit while you are in Japan include the following.

– Mount Fuji

– the Imperial Palace

– Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto

– Nara: otherwise known as the Temple City