What Personal Injuries Can You Claim Compensation For

Personal Injuries

If you, unfortunately, developed an illness due to someone being negligent or if you sustained a wound because of another person, you may be capable of submitting a personal injury case. However, if you’re thinking about doing this for the first time in your life, you could be wondering whether or not you can actually receive a payout for the wounds you’ve sustained. To assist you with determining this, here is everything that you could get compensated for:

1. There Are Three Types of Damages: The first thing that you should know is that there are three types of damages: general (which will cover suffering and pain you went through due to an illness or injury), special (which will cover medical expenses, loss of work, or other financial difficulties due to the injury), and special (which will cover any financial difficulties that you’ve experienced due to being unable to work). Each of them will be influenced by different factors; thus, it’s best if you get advice from an experienced company such as such as Bojat Law Group.

2. There Are Various Personal Injuries – this injury type is often described as being caused by someone being negligent. Thus, there are various injuries and accidents that fall into this category, including medical negligence, motor vehicle accidents, accidents at a workplace, exposure to dangerous materials and substances at work, criminal injury, defective products, as well as abuse, and military accidents. If you’ve been injured in any of these instances, you could obtain compensation for the pain you’ve suffered.

3. There Are Limitations For The Claim – Bojat Law Group will tell you that there is a time limitation for submitting a claim for this type of lawsuit is 3 years, meaning that it applies to several things including the date of the incident that caused you suffering, the date you’ve learned of diseases induced by working in an unsafe and dangerous environment, as well as the date you may have learned that one of your family members passed away due to someone’s negligence.

4. There Are a Few Exceptions For The Limitations – there are a few exceptions when it comes to the limits mentioned. For starters, minors could claim suffering has occurred before they turned 18 until they’re 21. Second, if someone is lacking cognitive capacity, there are no limits. Third, criminal injuries have to be submitted within a two-year range, and lastly, defective products and goods must be made within a decade of the item being revealed and consumed by the public.

5. When in Doubt, Contact a Lawyer – the last point in this list is a piece of advice. If you’re in doubt about whether or not you can submit a personal injury lawsuit, you could always talk to a team of attorneys such as the ones at Bojat Law Group that specializes in such claims. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you obtain the payout you deserve, but more importantly, there will always be someone by your side that’ll take care of your needs.


Since you’re now well aware of what type of suffering and damages you could obtain compensation for, you shouldn’t lose any more of your free time reading guides like this one. Instead, if you haven’t yet secured a legal representative for your situation, you should immediately start looking for one so that you could submit the case with all the proof you have, and, more importantly, that you submit it in a timely manner.

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