SEO For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization

Google plays an important role in our everyday lives today. From looking up this topic to researching for your college assignment, you know everything is a Google click away. However, who are these people who are creating all this content on the web? These websites, video content and images are not owned by Google. Google is a mere search engine. For webmasters it’s essential to make quick indexing in Google. All it does it ranks websites on the basis of relevance and quality. So they do people create content on the web?

If you don’t have the basic SEO knowledge, that is fine. But you have definitely heard about terms like digital marketing, internet marketing and social media marketing. They are closely connected. Digital marketing, as the term indicates, is the marketing done through digital channels. It has multiple forms. One of its latest and highly expanding form is internet marketing. Now internet marketing is also a huge word. There are different types of it and search engine optimization is just one of them.

Okay so back to why do people create content on the web. You see, most of the times when you open a blog, there is a chance that you will spot an advertisement or you will see a little marketing here and there. This could be inside a piece of content or done publicly. This is because blogs serve as a great source to market a lot of products to the right audience. And today, without an internet presence, it is very difficult for some type of businesses to survive. If someone is looking up content on photography, there is a chance that they might be interested in buying a book on photography. This is why the marketing team for that book can advertise on a blog that is sharing such content hybrid traffic.

Of course the more people you share content with, the more there is a chance that people would want to buy your products. This is why websites want a lot of views on their blogs. The more views they get, the more they get paid for marketing products. However, not all websites get the first position on Google. Today, a website is judged on more than 200 different factors when ranking. This is important to note because there are whole businesses based on this fact. Their sole service is to help websites rank better on search engines.

Google takes into account some factors that are technical and some factors that are content based. When you strategically work with these factors and help in improving your search engine ranking, this process is known as search engine optimization. It plays an important role in making sure that you website receives views. If your website is not ranked on search engines like Google, it does not mean that people can’t open it. I mean, you can just type the URL and hit enter. But is this how you access websites when researching for a project? Search engines have become an important tool in people’s lives and this is why Search Engine Optimization is important.