How Much Does Air Conditioning Repair Usually Cost?

Air Conditioning Repair

Everyone wants to keep a cool head. The best way to stay chill is to have a functioning air conditioning unit. 

Nearly 400,000 Americans are air conditioning mechanics and installers. That sounds like a big number for such a niche profession.

But many mechanics are needed because air conditioners break often. Even a small unit has many parts, and those parts inevitably break. 

Air conditioning repair costs money. But not all repairs are alike. Prepare for an AC repair by knowing how much it costs. 

The Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Most air conditioning units go years without needing repairs. The most common fixes involve the unit’s refrigerant, which provides cold substances to chill the air coming into the unit. 

But the costs for a refrigerant repair vary. Some refrigerants need cleaning, which the owner of the unit can do themselves. Other refrigerants need a recharge, which can cost a few hundred dollars. 

But you may need to replace your refrigerant. You will need to pay for a new device, and you will need to pay for the time it takes to swap the two out. This means that a refrigerant replacement can cost several hundred dollars if not one thousand. 

Another common repair comes after the unit makes unusual noises. Many things can cause these noises. 

A rotating fan can create a high-pitched squealing. Ducts can bang if dust or hair is caught them. 

Repairing a fan and replacing ducts are extensive repairs that cost thousands of dollars. They take several hours to complete at a minimum. 

How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Repair Costs Down

The best way to keep your costs down is to start repairing an AC unit yourself. You can clean your ducts with a vacuum, removing hair and dust buildups. 

Do not stress your air conditioning unit too much. Avoid running the unit on a mild day. If you want to decrease the temperature by a couple of degrees, drink cold beverages and use fans instead. 

When you do need a repair technician, shop around for the cheapest rates. Research the services in your local area and ask them questions about their prices. For example, Sun Air Services in Tampa provides seasonal specials at lower prices than other air conditioning repair services. 

Tell the technician what project you want them to focus on. They may offer to do something else for you, but that service may cost money. 

Determining Your AC Repair Cost

Air conditioners are wonderful when they work. When you need repairs, they can be a headache. But you keep the air conditioning repair costs down with the right facts. 

Most common repairs cost a few hundred dollars. The more extensive the repairs, the higher the price. You can keep your cost down by repairing your own unit. 

Home improvement can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep your costs down with the facts. Follow our coverage for home improvement and financial guides.