What Does Ratio Mean In Tiktok?

What does ratio mean in Tiktok

Is the question- What does ratio mean in Tiktok bothering you? Do not worry. This article will surely aid you clear your doubts about it.

What does ratio mean in Tiktok is a question that pesters many people for too long. In this article, we will attempt to discuss this to remove everyone’s doubt. So you need to read this article scrupulously.

What does ratio mean in Tiktok?

In some TikTok videos, we often see that people say to ratio them 1:1 or 1:1:1. Similar things can be seen on Twitter. But what does ratio mean in Tiktok? Actually, when replies to a tweet vastly outnumber likes or retweet the phenomenon is called ratioed. This definition is applicable to Twitter mainly. But when it comes to Tiktok, it seems to take a slight turn. Unlike Twitter, it does not connote a bad thing.

The ratio on Tiktok may have two interpretations, namely technical and factual.

If one Tiktoker says to ratio him or her 1:1 then it means he or she is asking for equal amounts of likes in the comment that he or she gets in his or her video. 

Example of How Ratio Works:

In order to clearly understand what does ratio mean in Tiktok, mark this instance. This will be a good example and a convenient one for all and sundry. So, if a person posts a video and it receives 6013 likes and then he or she says to ratio him or her 1:1, it means he is demanding 6013 likes for his comment too. 

Again if a person demands a ratio of 1:1:1:1 then it means he or she desires three replies to his comment and equal likes on each and every comment as that of the video.

Technical And Factual Explanations:

What does ratio mean in Tiktok technically and factually is a question of interest, right? Technically, the word ratio explains the interaction of the audience with the video. If you see that the views on a particular video are more than the likes it gets then it means that the video is not getting a greater reach to the audience. So equal views to like ratio should be the target of the uploader.

 Factually speaking, the creator of the video deploys the term ‘ratio’ in order to get equal likes as well as comments in his or her videos.


Now I hope that you have gathered pretty much knowledge about what does ratio mean in Tiktok. So let me now tell you about its punishment. If Tiktok hive mind decides a comment is not worthy of getting ratioed, it will not get any likes.

In some extreme cases, if a person replies to it and it gains lots of likes then it would be a punishment for the former person whose comment was deemed unworthy. He or she then feels dismayed. After all, if expectations of getting likes go unfulfilled, it is equal to meeting punishment.

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