Is Dancing the Key to Improved Mental Health?

Is Dancing the Key to Improved Mental Health

Around 13% of Americans take antidepressants, and anxiety disorders affect up to 40 million adults. As mental illnesses and disorders become more and more prevalent, it’s vital to take measures to preserve your mental health. 

So, how about turning on some music and grooving? It may sound like a silly solution to a major problem, but dance for mental health is actually very powerful. Keep reading to find out more.  

Is Dancing Good for Your Mental Health? 

There’s no doubt that dancing can be an extremely effective method in improving and maintaining your mental health. But how, exactly? 

First of all, exercise has been intimately connected to mental health for many years. Moving your body, getting your blood flowing and your heart pumping helps to reduce stress and anxiety and releases endorphins and serotonin, improving your mood. In this way, dancing is an excellent way to improve your mood and rid yourself of daily stresses and worries. 

As dance raises your heart rate and releases ‘happy’ chemicals into your brain, it can help to relieve the serious symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Lastly, dance is a great way to boost self-confidence and improve self-esteem — of which low levels cause depression and poor mental health. Learning new moves and skills will boost your self-confidence, as will the social interaction of moving alongside and with others at your dance class. 

Benefits of Dancing 

There are plenty of benefits of dancing that are mental, physical, and emotional. The main advantages to mental health were mentioned above. But what are some other awesome benefits of moving your body to groovy tunes? 

  • Social interaction and new relationships formed at dance class 
  • Protects memory as you learn new moves and choreography 
  • Improves memory and balance 
  • Improves posture and flexibility 
  • Creates strong muscles and aerobic fitness
  • Maintains a healthy heart 

Do you need any more reasons to start dancing for health? Check out these benefits of ballet and you won’t be able to resist a pirouette for mental peace.  

Dance is not only incredibly fun, but the physical and mental benefits are huge. 

Dance Therapy (DMT) 

You may choose to focus on your mental health by joining a dance class. If so, that’s great! There are plenty of styles of dance to choose from and finding the right one for you will make all the difference. 

However, you could also choose to partake in focused dance movement therapy (DMT). This is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance to support mental and physical health. There are no specific or fixed movement styles depending on the practitioner. 

This differs from your average dance class as it is led by a licensed practitioner who holds the session in a therapeutic setting. 

Choose Dance for Mental Health

If you’re looking for interesting and fun ways to improve your mood or ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, then why not choose dance for mental health? You’ll receive amazing mental and physical benefits and have a whole lot of fun in the process. 

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