Keisha Chambers: Her Intriguing Life Story

Keisha Chambers
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Keisha Chambers has been quite successful as a modeling agency booker. Talking of Keisha Chambers’ age, she is 49 years old (as of 2019). Indeed, her fame rests in the fact that she is the wife of Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers. Justin is an actor of skill and capacity. In the past, he has modeled for brands such as Armani, Calvin Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Justin Chambers Keisha Chambers first got acquainted with each other in their teenage years. Justin was a model back then. Thus, he consistently posed for the famous clothing powerhouse, Calvin Klein. At that time, Keisha was a booker for a different firm. Keisha always desired to be a model since she was a child. However, life in the industry was not kind to her. The reason being her color. 

A glimpse of her early life

A glimpse of her early life
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Keisha Chambers took birth in a lower-middle class family. Thus, from a very young age she had to bear the Cross of financial strain. However, her elder brother supported the family and Keisha financially. Thus, Keisha could successfully complete her schooling. 

From her girlhood years, Keisha had a deep inclination towards the high fashion field. She yearned to belong to this space of fashion. However, due to her unconventional (dark) skin tone, she couldn’t make it in the fashion industry. In fact, there came a terrible point when her peers and friends started making fun of her. However, Keisha bravely shouldered her predicament and decided to seek employment at a modeling agency. Moreover, Keisha represented her company’s public image and professionalism. Thus, the task demanded her to be flawlessly organized and confident. 

Keisha Chambers children

Wedding Keisha Chambers is a truly inspiring story. Keisha and Justin crossed each other’s paths during the ad campaigns of Calvin Klein. They dated in secrecy for a few years. However, in 1993, they broke their exile and silence and tied the knot. It will move you emotionally to learn that their marriage is a fruitful journey of 24 years. In fact, they are still going strong as a couple. Keisha and Justin are the backbone of each other. They support each other through sunshine and storms. Indeed, Justin counts on Keisha whenever he is required to take a decision in his professional field. Their mutual dependency is inspiring in the contemporary times when all we learn about celebs are break ups and ruins of separation.. 

Justin and Keisha are proud parents of five beautiful children. Isabella is their eldest daughter. Kaila and Maya are twins. Then there is another girl, Eva. The four sisters have a little brother, Jackson. Indeed, it’s the sweetest, warmest family picture that we come across. 

Keisha Justin going strong
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Keisha Justin going strong

Keisha often accompanies Justin for his events and award ceremonies. Indeed, it is beautiful the way the two support each other. Justin has endless admiration for Keisha .. so his interviews reflect. Once he stated that his wife and he do their best to live a low-key, non-Hollywood kind of life. Their intimacy when it comes to life-choices is definitely heartwarming. In fact, Justin’s realistic side charms us all. He comments that no relationship runs absolutely smoothly during all the times. However, he confesses that he is lucky to find a partner in Keisha who will walk along with him across the platform of Life. 

In fact, Keisha fully supported her husband when he decided to retire from Grey’s Anatomy. He took this decision because he somewhere somehow feels he needs to diversify his acting roles and career choices. 

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1. How old is Keisha Chambers? 

Keisha Chambers is 49 years old as of 2019. 

2. How did Justin Chambers meet Keisha? 

Justin met Kesha while posing for Calvin Klein. He was a former model.

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