7 Amenities to Look for Before Booking Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals

Booking a vacation involves giving up your regular schedule to spend time with family and friends. But this does not imply that you should be slumming it.

Even if more people opt for short-term rentals than traditional hotels, they still demand a certain level of amenities and conveniences.

As a result, owners of short-term rentals must invest in the top features visitors need. This blog post lists the top amenities you should look for before making a reservation for a short-term rental in Louisville.

1. A Good Bath

A tranquil yet revitalising bath is something that travellers always look forward to. Ensure you have strong water pressure in your shower and access to hand soap, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Many hosts go over and beyond by offering extras like cotton balls, cotton swabs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body lotion, and even slippers for the bathroom.

A hairdryer is always useful, and you must have clean, fluffy towels in various sizes. You’ll want to lessen your guests’ burden by offering that practical amenity because no guest wants to carry a hair appliance in their luggage.

2. Free Parking

A major perk of any short-term rental is free parking. For instance, free parking is offered with three million of Airbnb’s over five million rentals. The ease and convenience of parking will improve the visitor’s experience with your establishment. Imagine that visitors must search for and pay for parking. If that happens, they are more likely to give you a bad customer review. Consider obtaining a tiny parking space or in advance purchasing parking passes for your visitors if you don’t already have a driveway.

3. Self-Catering Kitchen Facilities

While on vacation, and especially in the more remote destinations, visitors might prefer (or need) to prepare their meals. They’ll be looking for high-quality cookware and other practical items like a wine bottle or can opener for short-term rentals prepared for visitors to demonstrate their culinary prowess. It’s also essential to have enough plates, glasses, silverware, mugs, etc., according to the size of the home. A dishwasher is also a great addition if they cook for themselves to reduce the amount of cleaning needed.

4. TV and Entertainment

Television or Netflix should be the perfect solution to keep everyone content on rainy days or for those who prefer watching series and movies over stargazing. Parents who lack the space to carry everything they’ll need to keep the kids occupied when the weather turns bad will welcome the games, novels, and other family-friendly activities.

5. Fast WiFi.

You don’t want to deny your visitors connectivity unless your home is in a distant area that you’re marketing as an off-the-grid, wilderness experience. Nowadays, WiFi is required in all short-term rentals. Since many visitors work remotely, the majority of them anticipate it.

If you don’t have high-speed internet, they will be annoyed, and potential tenants may decide not to rent from you.

6. Parking Space.

Considering how frequently people currently travel by car, parking is a need. If you don’t have any, point them toward the closest parking area.

If the vacation property doesn’t have a designated parking space, go to the one next to it to discover one with plenty of parking options.

7, First Aid Kit.

First-aid kits are not only strongly recommended, but they are also a must for visitors, especially those with young children. You don’t want your visitors running about in a panic trying to find simple first aid for a cut, burn, or insect bite.


Therefore, keep an eye out for these amenities when choosing your next holiday rental!

Considering these factors can help you save money and ensure that you have home comforts when you’re away from it.

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