Questions to Ask While Choosing Agricultural Steel Buildings

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Choosing agricultural steel buildings is your best bet if you want a cost-efficient, stylish, durable, and valuable structure for your agriculture business. Usually, the frame and the components are manufactured in the factory according to your requirements and brought to the location and assembled.

However, there are many suppliers of PEBs for the agricultural sector, and you should do your research before making a choice.

Here are some of the questions that should consider asking before picking any steel building. 

When it comes to steel PEBs, there are different designs and styles that you can choose. You can ask the supplier about the PEB designs that suit the agricultural objectives. Some of the popular designs of PEBs are:

  • Multi-Span: In this type of PEB, there are multiple spans in a particular width.
  • Clear Span: In clear span PEB, the area is open, and there is no column or support.
  • Roof Systems: In roof system PEB, there are added purlins and roof rafters which create a substructure within the primary frame.
  • Curbed Rafter: In curbed rafter PEB, the roof gets a curved structure which helps in increasing the spaciousness of the building.
  • How Long Will It Take To Build The Structure?

Discuss with the designers and constructors to get an idea about the time frame. Usually, the prefabricated and pre-engineered steel buildings take less time than traditional construction.

But, if you are in an urgent situation, it is better to know the wait time. Usually, the time taken by a supplier can range from 3-5 weeks. But, this depends on the size and design of the building. It will take more time to deliver a structure of a bigger size and a complex design.

  • What Will Be the Cost of Constructing the Entire Building?

On-location construction can be quite a time expensive. But, when you buy prefabricated steel buildings, the project cost gets lowered automatically.

But, you should ask about pricing beforehand and get a quote to compare it to your budget. Remember, all cheap options will not be satisfactory in terms of quality. Lowering the price too much leads to compromise on the quality of construction, design, and materials. Bad quality buildings will end up costing more in the long run.

Therefore, it is better to choose a supplier who keeps their pricing honest and mid-ranged and does not compromise on quality.

  • What Is The Type Of Steel Used In The Building?

Steel is one of the most popular construction materials in pre-engineered buildings. Steel is highly durable, and its high weight-to-height ratio makes it perfect for agricultural steel buildings. It is also lightweight, making transportation of the frame to the site simple. High strength and durability make buildings safe and resistant to even bad weather conditions.

Usually, different types of steel are used in building structures. Common steel types used in PEBs are cold roll steel, mild steel, and structural steel. You should ask the supplier about the steel they use along with their characteristics and strength.

  • What Are The Different Components?

A pre-engineered steel building will have different components that keep the structure together. As the parts are pre-engineered as per the design of the building, it is easy to assemble. However, it is still crucial to keep a tab on the building structure and framing components.

A PEB building is made of primary and secondary frames. The H-beams make the primary frame of the structure. Along with H-beams, other components like rafters, wall frames, columns, and crane brackets are also there. The secondary frame of the building helps support the primary frame, and it also helps distribute the other components’ weight.

  • Is There Is A Dedicated Team To Handle The Construction?

One of the crucial things you should ask is about the team is who will handle the entire project and what experience they have? If the project is big, ask for a dedicated team to manage everything.

Also, some suppliers only design, manufacture and deliver the frames and components to the location. In this case, you will have to hire a specialized team to put the structure together.

However, it is better to choose a company that will also help assemble the structure.

To maintain the quality of the agricultural steel buildings, it is crucial to choose a company with high-end after-sales service.

If you ask the right questions and do some research on PEBs, you will make a better decision. Talk o experts and suppliers to get a timeline and quote for the project.