TikTok Collaborations: Harnessing the Power of Partnerships for Follower Growth

TikTok Collaborations

TikTok has fast become one of the most favored media for sharing videos online. Their unique approach made them one of the fastest-growing platforms, and they’ve become a surefire way for brands to reach TikTok community with ease. And this is where a phenomenon of influencer marketing came into light.

Relying on the brand’s power alone isn’t always a way to success. You have to create content about your brand and of course, require some helpers. That is why TikTok collaborations can be a vital marketing strategy for numerous brands.

What are TikTok Collaborations?

A TikTok collaboration is a work of partnership where a brand hires an influencer to be featured in some of their content. The level of inclusion can vary depending on the price paid and the influencer’s individual requests.

For example, some utilise the product directly in their content, like testing it or providing a useful guide. Or they can mention the brand as a content sponsor. The idea of the collaboration is that the creator will help the business get more followers on TikTok or drive sales.

Influencer collaborations can be done over one or several videos. It does depend heavily on the price paid, but also how the influencer integrates the content.

How Much Do TikTok Collaborations Cost?

The costs of TikTok collaborations can vary. The basic rule is that the more significant following an influencer has, the more it will cost. But there can sometimes be different factors such as the type of collaboration, the other platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc) that might be used, and also the rates of the influencer.

Rough prices, however, can follow the simple rule that if TikTok creators have fewer than ten thousand followers, you can pay them about $800 for a post.

Those with more than 10,000 but less than 50,000 can earn approximately $1,5000 per post, and those with up to five thousand followers will charge you about $3,000 for a post.

In fact, the return on investment for TikTok collaborations can be very lucrative. For example, the minimum expected for brands should be about 5:1, which means for every $1 spent, you should get $5 in return. So those that spend $800 on the micro influencer, should get sales roughly worth $4,000.

There can be other factors as well. Your product/service should be good. And you have to be sure that you can build an excellent rapport with the influencer that has the right audience for your product. But these factors should be relatively simple if you understand how the things work.

Why are TikTok Collaborations Vital for Success?

TikTok collaborations are a form of influencer marketing campaigns. Most people nowadays are connected to one social media platform or another, and on these platforms, there are thousands or millions of TikTok influencers that are engaging audiences and offer them some goods and services just like TV used to.

In the past decade, influencers have built higher trust than even the biggest brands. As a result, if a potential customer sees an influencer advertise a brand, they are more likely to purchase that product than from the traditional advert.

But it isn’t just sales that are important on social media platforms. Like all other platforms, TikTok utilises a complex algorithm to determine what content to show audiences. If someone engages with some content that is connected to another brand, they will be shown that brand again.

TikTok influencers like to direct their engaged audience to the brand’s page. Therefore, you can get access to a wider audience, which gives you an opportunity to continuously market your products long after the collaboration has finished.

And for ROI, it has been found that influencer marketing campaigns are one of the most effective options. It is much better than direct mail, unsolicited emails, or even paid social media ads, which are normally used by brands.

Successful TikTok Collaborations

Numerous TikTok collaborations have proven to be highly successful in the past. Here are five of the best influencer collaborations and what can be used for future campaigns by other brands.

Takis and Charli D’Amelio

Takis and Charli D’Amelio

In August 2021, Takis paid Charli D’Amelio to promote their brand. The most famous TikTok creator didn’t do anything too complicated. Her marketing strategy was to showcase one of the products, eat the food on camera, and tell her followers about the experience.

When the videos launched, Takis and D’Amelio used the relevant hashtags #takispartner and #takistrasformation. The simple creativity and the human touch allowed the brand to reach a staggering 19.2 million people and generate more than three million likes.

And the simple concept proved that collaborations don’t need to be elaborate or complicated. A simple inclusion in videos that are just a few seconds long can be just as positive for the brand. Of course, if the creator is really able to influence the public, which is the case for Charlie.

Duolingo and Scrub Daddy

Duolingo and Scrub Daddy

These two brands couldn’t be further apart. But their collaboration was one of the most successful, generating a total of more than four million views between the original post and the repost.

The reason why this content worked was not because the products were related, and therefore the audiences would have been similar, it was because of the content style. Both brands had an active TikTok channel, which incorporated a similar style of reaching audiences. Combining their efforts, they were able to appeal to different audiences, but those who has the same taste.

And their collaboration, while it wasn’t universally loved, did get people talking, which is one of the most important aspects of any influencer campaign.

Therefore, it is important to consider very carefully the brands that you engage with. Even if they have a style that does not compliment your own, they still might be a good match.

Alleyoop and Erica Maria

Alleyoop and Erica Maria

Erica Maria isn’t one of the largest TikTok influencers on the channel, but that didn’t matter to makeup company Alleyoop. Makeup artist was the perfect match for them since she is working within their vertical and having an audience that was perfect for them.

To get onboard, all Alleyoop had to do was send them a gift of their product. The result was a touching review of their product delivered to Erica’s target audience demographics. It is authentic, relatable, and trustworthy, helping to secure all the important brand values that Alleyoop wants to be connected to.

It also demonstrates how sending small gifts to smaller influencers can be enough to get you an effective mention on the platform.

Khaby Lame and Hugo Boss

Khaby Lame and Hugo Boss

Having considerable budgets, big brands prefer to use the biggest names on this social media. For instance, Hugo Boss worked with Khaby Lame in January 2022, at that time the second largest influencer on TikTok. They aimed to increase their revenues by nearly 50% by separating their brand into two and targeting the younger generations.

As a result, they went for a TikTok influencer who had a connection with young target audience and created campaigns that started well, generating more than six million views in just 14 days. They also utilised their hashtags, such as using #BeYourOwnBoss and more.

The campaign was carefully timed as well. The collaboration started just a few days after Khaby was featured in Forbes magazine, generating further recognition and followers just before the campaign launched.

Therefore, it is not just important to note what the current state of populairty of the influencer is, but if there is going to be some future release that will skyrocket their fame. Also, it is vital to choose an influencer that can directly appeal to your brand’s target audience.

Magic Spoon and Super Coffee

Magic Spoon and Super Coffee

Magic Spoon’s collaboration with Super Coffee is one of the best to demonstrate how a giveaway can still be a powerful push to get engagement and build brand awareness. Giveaways can request people comment on the post, tag friends, or follow the brand to win a prize.

While their initial video didn’t achieve a higher viewing rate than would normally be expected, engagements significantly increased, up by more than 350%.

One of the reasons why this might have happened is because the giveaway gave a reason to engage with their profile. Adding a brand with a relevant and similar audience gave the contest more credibility and better results.

Tips for Finding Your Own TikTok Collaborations

If you look through various guides and how-to’s about TikTok influencer partnerships, you’ll see numerous tips mentioned. But there are, in reality, very few rules that stick. Many of the classic examples above have shown that you can utilise TikTok influencers from numerous niches that can help you attract a larger target audience and get your brand talked about.

What is important is that you do due diligence. Check that you have the budget for the influencer that you want to work with and be sure that you are getting your goals right. Getting sales might be one goal, but it isn’t the only objective that social media allows, or is suitable for.

Instead, think about growing your target audience and finding long-term fans that can become repeat customers with a little more drip marketing.

Final Thoughts

New times call for modern measures. If you want to win the harsh competition on the platforms, showcase brand values, and increase brand awareness, you should definitely put influencer marketing on your to-do list. Do not think that TikTok collaborations are just something for big brands.

Smaller brands are using them all the time, collaborating with smaller TikTok influencers to reach new audiences and build trust with potential customers. Above are some of the ways that they can work and have worked.

By involving in influencer marketing, you can build a brand for the future, the one that can last through any economic trouble.

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