Seven Virtual Team Building Activities in 2021

Virtual Team Building

Are you looking for the most effective way to bring your remote team closer? If your answer is yes, virtual team-building events are ideal for your business.

Team building is significant for companies looking to improve the bonding among employees. Besides, it has multiple benefits, including improved communication, development of trust, cooperation, and enhanced company culture.

Fortunately, hosting online events is an uncomplicated task and worth the investment. Below, we discuss the seven best virtual team-building activities to utilize today.

Virtual Office Games

One of the most popular options, a virtual office Olympics is essentially a wide assortment of various games intended specifically for online team buildings. Just like real Olympics, these games are designed to be competitive, collaborative, and most of all entertaining. The whole virtual office Olympics lasts around 90 minutes, and it can be extended by adding more games. To learn more, head out to the Team Building website.

Online Gambling

If you’re looking for something more thrilling, one of the best options would be gambling online with your team members. This can be achieved effortlessly, and you can create a private room where you’ll be able to play any casino game with your team members only. 

Although this is an unorthodox team building option, it’s a very entertaining one and it will certainly become among the most popular choices of your team members. If this sounds fabulous, check out the Casino Bros website where you can find the most eminent online casinos in which you and your team members can gamble carelessly. 


Most of us had the opportunity to play Werewolf, but for those who haven’t, it’s a game of skillful manipulation, deceit, wits, and ultimately surviving the night. This game is played by speaking, listening, and voting, and of course – all of this can be done online using the conference software of your choice. 

Typing Speed Competition

Typing fast (and accurately) is one of the most valuable skills associated with remote work of any kind. That’s why we recommend competition amongst your team members in which everyone should use the typing test platform and post their scores to the communications channel as proof. To make things more interesting, the winner should be rewarded with some prize, and this will undoubtedly motivate each team member to have fun while improving their typing skills.

MTV Cribs: Online Edition

Another interesting and simplistic activity, essentially the modern re-creation of the famous MTV series. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it involves showing off homes to other team members using video chat. Although some of your team members won’t ever meet in person, this is a cool way for everyone to open their homes, get to know each other better while having fun. 

Virtual Trash Challenge

Typically, a trash challenge involves taking a picture of a public place full of trash, cleaning it up completely, then taking the photo of a clean place as proof (before-after sort of thing). Virtual challenge has the same principles but works differently. It involves taking a screenshot of a messy desktop and other folders, cleaning them, and taking another screenshot once everything is clean and empty. The team member with the cleanest desktop wins the reward.

Online Dance Party

Another morale-building activity is the virtual dance party, which should be done spontaneously and without informing people about it, for a surprise effect. For example, start your video conference with dance and let your team members join you. Always make sure you have the dance music playlist ready at all times, because you never know when you might need it!

Final Word

There you go, these were some of the best virtual team building activities that you and your team members could try out. We hope that you and your team members will like them, and they will undoubtedly make your team building activities more enjoyable!